Al Faisaliah: Unusual Facts & Figures

  • The 79-foot wide by 265-foot high stained glass window by artist Brian Clarke is the largest stained glass work ever produced.
  • Al Faisaliah's 875-foot office tower is the tallest building in Saudi Arabia. It is slightly higher than Canary Wharf, the tallest building in Britain.
  • The office tower dissipates its 100,000-ton load with 15 meters, i.e. 15 meters under the foundation, the compression on the rock is the same as before the tower was built.
  • If the concrete poured into the tower raft was put into a one inch tube, it would be 1,641 miles km long, i.e. from Riyadh to Jeddah.
  • If all of the cables for all of the systems throughout the site were put end to end, they would stretch across Saudi Arabia, from Jeddah to Dammam.
  • Taking one inch as the average diameter of the rebar, the 35,000 tons used in the project would extend 45,000 miles, the distance from Riyadh to London.
  • Energy produced by the project's 24 a/c chillers is equivalent to the cooling systems of 30,000 refrigerators.
  • The contract calls for 28,000 light fixtures. This excludes tenant installations.
  • The large Leibherr crane on the tower has the capacity to lift 15 four-wheel drive vehicles.
  • The public address speakers provide 4.2 kw of power. This is equivalent to 400 car stereo systems. If put into one speaker, the call to prayer could be heard across Riyadh.
  • At the project's peak in 1999, the 35 consultants and 5,000 laborers represented 20 nationalities.