A doorway to Old Beijing

A treasure trove of heritage architecture and historical relics

Located right at the heart of China’s bustling capital, Rosewood Beijing is a place where age-old traditions merge beautifully with this era’s exciting possibilities. Conceived as an “urban village,” here the village setting is folded into the architecture of an urban hotel, offering a living experience that is informed as much by sophisticated travel as it is by the global milieu of this city.

At the core of the Rosewood Beijing’ art program – which helps guests curate their own travel experience – lays the spirit of re-invention. Ancient Chinese artistic legacies and cultural beliefs are reinterpreted in novel ways, resulting in stunning artworks that enrich the hallways, walls and rooms of the hotel. The Rosewood Collection not only brightens the interiors, but provides a gateway for guests to go on a journey of exploration into China’s unique landscapes, culture and history. Rooted primarily in a deep appreciation of contemporary calligraphy, for example fine gong bi brush works and shui mo ink washes, these pieces signify an ancient tradition coming full circle into a new century. Beyond contemporary, they are timeless.

Against a backdrop of elegant, natural details, these artworks help engage guests with the breadth and vitality of contemporary Beijing, which is a fountain of artistic inspiration, budding talent and creative interaction. The collection also serves as a doorway to China’s distant past, peeling back the layers of the present to reach the core of Chinese culture - its old customs, ancient rites and enduring art forms.

At Rosewood Beijing, guests are ushered onto this artistic journey once they step through the door, which will lead them to discover a Beijing of their heart’s desire– be it a place of grand tradition, or of tantalizing possibilities.