Hiromi Mochizuki

Assistant Front Office Manager

Rosewood Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Leaving my home country Japan and moving to California on my own. No fear, just full of excitement!


Fell in love with Rosewood Sand Hill where I met the amazing people.


Leaving California after 6 years was not the easiest transition of my life. Yet, I was fortunate to move to another beautiful city, Vancouver and joined Rosewood Hotel Georgia as part of the pre-opening team.


I would never have thought of living in Abu Dhabi, UAE if it was not for Rosewood, and I am glad I did. What an amazing experience to work with 60 different nationalities.


With the support of all the people I have met in my life and who have shaped me to whom I am today – I was promoted into my first managerial position. It is such an honor to be part of Rosewood family.

My name is Hiromi. The part “Hiro” comes from my father’s name, Hiroaki, and the part “mi” comes from my mother, Akemi. Being away from home for almost 10 years, my name has given my life a lot more meanings than just a name. Having my father as my basketball coach, I have learned discipline and true competitive spirit while my mother taught me the importance of having self-confidence and embracing emotions, which has helped me to become the person I am today.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. A new chapter of my life had begun the moment I stepped into the airplane from Japan to San Francisco. My heart full of excitement, everything felt possible. Looking up in the huge blue sky, all my worries were blown away. Who would know, what this place would be, where I would meet all the amazing people who introduced me to the hospitality industry.

One Saturday in February 2009, truly out of curiosity, I sneaked into the construction site of Rosewood Sand Hill to find out what everyone in my university was talking about. Rosewood Sand Hill has opened the door for me to my career in hospitality industry. This was the beginning of my exciting journey through 4 different properties, cities, cultures, and experiences.

As much as I miss the beautiful hike of Santa Cruz Mountain and the morning run at Stanley Park, what I miss the most is the people I met, the people who believed in me and provided me all the support I needed. The more people you meet, the harder it gets to leave one place. Even so, I cannot help but wonder what kind of new adventures are waiting for me.