Caswell Pondt

Junior Sous Chef

Rosewood Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands


My grandmother’s macaroni lead me to more than a career. Her influence created a desire for success, regardless of the field I chose.


I signed up for a home economics class and once my classmates began to taste my creations, I received praise and encouragement to continue my journey.


I began working as a dishwasher, then volunteered to help make salads and assist with various tasks. After just six months I was promoted to an entry-level line chef position.


This six-month course in the United States gave me an opportunity to learn to make sauces but more importantly, to learn about myself in an international community.


Being selected to lead my peers outside of work is an honor, challenge and a huge responsibility. To succeed in this role, inspires continuous innovation.

The natural environment and culture of food are “nature’s little secrets,” just like our motto here in the British Virgin Islands. The females in my life are intrinsic to my passion for cooking . My grandmother’s macaroni kept me in the kitchen as a child. The home economics class, attended by a majority of females, also influenced me. I had ulterior motives for signing up for that class, as any 16 -year-old boy would. The results however, have paid off.

Learning the basics in any environment fuels success. I started my career as a dishwasher with Rosewood 25 years ago. In 2010, as a chef de partie, l competed with our executive chef and won the Iron Chef Challenge in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. This past June, I was proud to be the head coach of the British Virgin Islands culinary team. We traveled to Miami to compete in the annual Taste of the Caribbean competition. The team brought back gold, silver, and bronze medals.

True dedication has helped me earn the respect of the community and my colleagues. Our lifestyle and environment are reliant on the talents and innovation of each other to foster growth and opportunities. I feel fortunate to have become a leader. I believe, cooking is like fashion, you always have to be one step ahead and you have to know what is in style.