Crystal Seamon

Management Trainee

Rosewood Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands


We moved to a U.S. Air Force base in Holland. My older brother and I loved to dance around in our wooden shoes.


Lillian Fairchild Travel Talks started in Buffalo in 1928, mainly for older people who may never travel. Volunteers share their experience of travel to different places. I aim to return and present.


Witnessing a new aspect of tourism, it was the first time I saw true poverty. It solidified my conviction to work for a company that stays true to the local environment.


Once I began working at the iconic Carlyle, its character and history became part of the fabric of my career story and influenced my future choices.


Some of my best memories are of my grandparents’ dairy farm with the new calves, bunnies, and piglets. When I found sea turtles hatching – I was at home!

The book Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer is the sad story of Chris McCandless and his quest for what some might say as "enlightenment". While I don't share Chris's desire to completely emancipate myself from the world, I was moved by the book’s relentless theme on mankind’s desire to please man's "adventurous spirit". One of my favorite quotes comes from that book, "The core of a man’s spirit comes from new experiences". This I strive for daily, to enhance guests’ and my own experiences.

Once I began working for The Carlyle, I knew there was no turning back. From now on I only want to work somewhere that exudes character and history; a place I can't help but learn more from and also contribute. Rosewood properties universally fit this description. Little Dix Bay is no exception. Every day  the "belongers" and other associates introduce me to generations of guests that have continued to visit our resort for over a half a century. Impulsively we share history and experiences that shape our service.

Having lived in three different countries and being fascinated by different cultures, nature and animals, I arrived on Virgin Gorda ready to embrace my second Rosewood property. In Holland my mom and I took long bike rides around the countryside; in Peru I hiked the Inca trail to Manchu Picchu and here in the British Virgin Islands I'm working on a scuba certification. When I found out sea turtles were going to hatch right on the hotel’s beach, there was no way I was going to miss it. I was prepared to stay out on the beach every night until they hatched. Thankfully the turtles came the first night. The Caribbean has been a wonderful transition for me!