Eric Hou

Assistant Recruitment Manager

Rosewood Beijing, China


Spring 2001 I landed in London…what a change from my home city of Liuzhou in China…


After years away from China, I enjoyed my first “welcome home” noodles prepared by my mom. A symbol of continuity, noodles are offered as a welcome dish while dumplings are shared as a farewell.


I married my beautiful wife Cathy and we had an unforgettable honeymoon in Langkawi. I decided then, to make every day with Cathy, a honeymoon day; it challenges me to think of ways to make each day special!


My grandfather was my mentor, guiding light and the most important person in my life. When he passed away from lung cancer, I experienced pain and a sense of loss that I never imagined possible.


Rosewood, here I come! A big change of career from working in catering to working in human resources. I truly enjoy searching and selecting the best talent for the launch of our brand in China.

I long to travel home to taste the “welcome home” bowl of noodles prepared by my mom. In our culture, noodles are a symbol of continuity and are always offered as a welcome dish. Watching my mother make noodles, imprinted in my memory the art and love that goes into the making a bowl of noodles to make someone feel welcome… so love and craftsmanship is what is I shall put into whatever I do.

In 2001, carrying in a small suitcase packed with ambition, motivation and a sense of curiosity, I left for China to study in University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom. Life abroad and being alone is like drinking a martini before your meal, very strong, dry, difficult to swallow, but it makes you hungry and wanting for more. The seven years abroad forged me into a young man with a strong work ethic, always positive and never giving up while overcoming challenges.
My ‘epiphany about hospitality’ really happened when I was a breakfast buffet chef at the Hotel Barcelona in Exeter. Working there I saw the joy and happiness one can provide in this industry. Creating emotions and forging enjoyable memories for our guests...that is a great gratification and is what hospitality is all about.
After my studies I joined Swire Hotels as graduate trainee and worked as a waiter, a housekeeper and a receptionist. Within a year I was promoted to catering manager. During the three years I spent with Swire, I took a lot of training courses such as selling skills, negotiation skills, which helped me to understand how to become a skillful salesman.

What I enjoy most about Rosewood and my current role as assistant recruitment manager is that the company really embraces the fact that people are the cornerstone of the experience we deliver to guests. After all, my salesman skills also help me to convince some key prospects to join our team…