Mark Burton

Pastry Chef

Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Vancouver, BC, Canada


Rugby took me from Newfoundland to Vancouver, which is now home.


Completing a four-year baker apprenticeship program including required North American certified qualifications and 6,000 hours of technical practice.


In an instant, I knew. Carly changed my life for the better. I found someone who shared the same passions. Sustainable food (and drink) was only the beginning.


We purchased a home in the picturesque community of Kitsilano. We joined the board of the community garden and this growing trend is writing our future.


As a part of the pre-opening team, and shortly promoted to pastry chef, I am grateful for creative freedom inspired by my heritage, supported by the team and enjoyed by the community.

Born on the Southern Shore of Newfoundland, the smell of fresh baked bread is set deep in my childhood memory. Everyone in our family baked their own bread – I was inspired to bake before I could talk. At the age of 20, I began working in a bakery in Alberta. Through the encouragement of the head baker, who saw something special in my work, I continued my education and completed my journeymen certification.

I joined the pre-opening team of the Rosewood Hotel Georgia in May 2011 as a chef de partie but chocolate and confections are my muse. In Vancouver Macaroons became "Markaroons", which I guess says success and I was promoted to pastry chef. The support of the kitchen team allowed me to share my craft with the community. In our lobby, during seasonal festivities, you will find the evidence of the creative freedom bestowed on my team - the replica Rosewood Hotel Georgia made of gingerbread and Fabergé-style chocolate Easter eggs, to name a couple. Humbly, this masterpiece warranted an invite to the Canadian qualifier for the World Chocolate Masters.

There is no "offseason" for sports in our community. I continue to be involved in sport – wrestling, rugby and I am an avid cyclist and runner. My fifth “sport” is  exploring local farmers and growers in the valley where my wife Carly and I live. We make regular trips to purchase directly from these local merchants and have introduced the local seasonal products to our kitchen at Rosewood Hotel Georgia. I am proud of the beauty of our heritage building, the fantastic team that works within its walls, and I am grateful for the support and enthusiasm for our creations from the local community.