Trivia & Lore

Attention to detail is Rosewood Hotels & Resorts' not-so-secret recipe for creating classic, timeless hotels with a reputation for impeccable service and style. This list of Rosewood Crescent trivia illustrates a few of the details that give the hotel its character and charm:

A World Record in Limestone: The Crescent Complex was built with the world's largest assemblage of limestone. The tons of limestone used eclipsed the previous record holder, The Empire State Building, which was built with limestone from the same Bedford, Ind., quarry as The Crescent.

Cast Aluminum Glory: The ornamental cast aluminum that surrounds and gives romance to Rosewood Crescent's exterior walls and trellises - in shapes of grape leaves, Texas stars and various other ornate patterns - was forged in Utah over more than a year's time and is believed to be one of the largest assemblages of cast aluminum in the world.

The Best of Everything: Rosewood Crescent was built from slate roofing imported from England, double-insulated glass from Dallas and marble flooring from Italy and Spain.

Two Years in the Making: The Crescent Complex took 24 months to build, employed a staff of thousands and began with a construction hole believed to be one of the largest ever dug -- to accommodate an underground, five-story parking garage for 4,000 cars.

A Modern-Day Water Well: Seven underground water tanks, each holding 400,000 gallons of water, provide The Crescent and Rosewood Crescent with its water supply.

Marked Marble: The marble floors and counter tops made from 10 different types of marble were pre-cut and numbered in Europe by Italian and Spanish quarrymen before being shipped and reassembled in Hotel Crescent Court.

Fabulous Fountains: The courtyard that joins Rosewood Crescent with The Shops and Galleries of The Crescent is made of European granite and limestone and features fountains built and designed especially for the hotel.