To discover the stunning desert or the historical cities of Saudi Arabia guests are recommended to take an organized excursion. Accompanied by expert guides, these private and personalized  tours give an extraordinary insight in the history, traditions and culture of this unique and beautiful country.


An oasis for Riyadh’s citizens. Wadi Hanifa once supported farms and villages. Wadi means valley in Arabic, and for most of the year there is barely a trickle of water running along the riverbed in the valley above the surface, however aquifers below the surface keep the area fertile. Recently, an award-winning revitalization project has transformed Wadi Hanifa to a lush recreational area. Today it is an 80-kilometer desert park and a popular tourist destination for hiking a relaxing day out in a wide-open spaces. Visitors enjoy scenic views, and numerous natural geological formations and environmental landscape elements. Wadi Hanifah’s Sud Al-Elb Park, Sud Wadi Hanifa Park, Stone Dam Park, Factories Lake Park, and the Jaz’ah Lake Park all have pathways seating for hikers, pedestrian walkways and parking areas.


Part of the historic Darb al Hijaz, a route used by travelers and traders crossing Arabia east to west, the Acacia Valley and the area around Wadi Hanifa has been cultivated for centuries. A few historic stone watch towers also remain. Located some 180 kilometers northeast of Riyadh the Edge of the World is a popular picnic spot featuring a “window” created by rock formations that provides stunning views of the plains and scenery of the Acacia Valley below.


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