One of the most alluring attractions in Saudi Arabia, the ruins of Old Dir’iyah feature historical walls, houses and palaces. This UNESCO site offers a glimpse of architecture from the old capital city.


Once the capital of Saudi’s first dynasty, the Al-Diriyah still stands as an icon of grandeur and heritage


Discover Arabia through the vibrant shopping scene, where traditional souks sit beside glittering malls


One of the Middle East’s premier malls, it offers a plethora of upscale shopping opportunities, with a strong focus on female fashion


The National Museum showcases the history of Islam and Saudi Arabia in a beautiful, modern museum. Through different antiques, manuscripts, documents and other artifacts, visitors learn about the country’s culture in past and present forms.

In the city of Riyadh there situates fascinating sites and historic treasures awaiting for guests to explore. From deserts to notable ancient sites and local festivals, guests are guaranteed to have a taste of Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage and unique artistic expressions. Encompassing a range of luxurious shopping malls and stylish dining options, this historical site offers a tinge of excitement to tourists.


Al Faisaliah Mall

An upscale shopping establishment located in the Al Faisaliah complex in the Olaya district, Al Faisaliah contains a variety of women’s luxury brands, complemented by a wide range of coffee shops and fine dining restaurants. Visitors can spend a lazy afternoon browsing its many designer offerings, before retiring for an expertly-made espresso at one of its many food and beverage establishments.

Riyadh Gallery

Located at the end of the King Fahad Road, this is a one-stop mall for all. Housing three department stores; Debenhams, Centrepoint and Citymax, it contains multitudes of the latest in designer wear, as well as being home to Sephora, the famed cosmetics outlet. Coffee shops are tastefully placed in the nooks of a mall garden; a colorful food court, meanwhile, provides authentic bites that will please both locals and guests.

Al Mamlaka

One of the most prominent malls in the Middle East, this emporium showcases over 160 stores of designer ware, and includes a whole floor dedicated to women only, in order to ensure the utmost privacy.

Sahara Mall

The Sahara mall is one of the largest malls in Riyadh. Most stores specialize in women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, make-up and perfume, to ensure a private shopping odyssey for the ladies. Like other large malls, it also comes with a Safeway (Tamimi) grocery store connected within the mall, making this a true family shopping destination.

Royal Mall

A smaller mall specializing in formal dresses for women, the Royal Mall comes with plenty of local sparkle and flavor. Located off of King Fahad Road, it also features an indoor ice-skating rink, a perennial attraction for youngsters.

Al Owais (Kuwaiti Souk)

The “Kuwaiti souk” is among the oldest souks in Riyadh and located in Mohamadiyah, off of King Fahad Road. A treasure trove of authentic Arabian ware, everything is up for a bargain here – from household goods to carpets, furniture, abayas, robes, shoes and dresses, as well as gold and spices. Lively and chaotic, one can spend an afternoon weaving one’s way out of the many small shops and narrow alleyways. A true marketplace adventure.

Azizia Mall

Located off of King Fahad road heading outside of the city, this is a smaller mall with the majority of shops dedicated to women’s clothing and beauty. It also comes with a Panda grocery store. Conveniently, it is located in the same vicinity as the headquarters of national carrier Saudi Airlines.


Al-Diriyah - Saudi Arabia’s previous capital

Al-Diriyah, a small town located on the northwestern outskirts of the Saudi capital, was the original home of the Saudi royal family and served as the capital of the first Saudi dynasty. Al-Diriyah developed into one of the most important trade route that linked the east to the west of the great Arabian Peninsula. Today, the ruins of Al-Diriyah is a symbol of glory, grandeur and dignity, attracting thousands of tourists each year.

The National Museum

The National Museum, centered in the heart of King Abdul-Aziz Historical Center, highlights a rich historical message of the Arabian Peninsula. It’s two-story building covers over twenty-eight thousand square meters and serves as an ode to the country’s educational and cultural development. Showcasing an extensive display of artifacts that date back to an ancient era, the National Museum of Riyadh should not be missed.


Annual King's Cup Camel Race

The Annual King's Cup Camel Race is held once a year and there are more than 2,000 riders who participate in the race. This race is considered special, as most of the competitors are boys who have been trained in the art of camel riding from a young age.

Souk Okaz Prize for Handicrafts

This is an annual prize initiated by SCTA to foster creativity and innovation within the Saudi handicrafts sector. It aims to identify professional craftsmen and encourage them for further innovation in the handicrafts field.


Private Tours

To discover the most interesting places in Riyadh, the stunning desert or the historical cities of Saudi Arabia guests are recommended to take an organized excursion or private and personalized tour. Accompanied by expert guides, these private tours give an extraordinary insight in the history, traditions and culture of this unique and beautiful country. For reservations or information, please contact the concierge at +966 11 465 4650 or alkhozama@rosewoodhotels.com.


Al Janadriya Festival

Al Janadriya Festival

A 10-day heritage and cultural festival that takes place every winter (dates vary) in the desert outside of Riyadh. Activities include traditional Najdi sword dances and poetry readings, the sale of local handicrafts and the world's largest camel races, with over 2,500 camels from throughout the Middle East.

Riyadh Zoo

As Saudia Arabia’s largest zoo, the Riyadh Zoo spans 55 acres and consists of more than 1500 animals with over 40 species. It opened in 1987.

Al Faisaliah Tower

The Al Faisaliah Tower is the third highest building in Saudi Arabia. Popular for its unique design, which is said to be that of a ballpoint pen, a trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Observation Deck for stunning views of Riyadh.

Al Batha Area

The Al Batha area includes Masmak Fort, Dirah Square and Riyadh’s oldest Souk. Here, the locals of Riyadh come to buy and sell and visitors can take in the lively atmosphere.

Al Reem Race Track

This international circuit uniquely lies on a sandy patch in a desert. Some of the strongest racing teams in Saudi Arabia have competed here. Visitors can expect each race to be filled with fun and excitement.

Wadi Hanifa

Located in the middle of the Najd Plateau of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Wadi Hanifa (or Hanifa Valley) is an impressive valley near Riyadh. It offers gorgeous views, gardens and sitting places for visitors to soak in Riyadh.

Desert Safari

For an unforgettable experience, guests may visit some of the largest deserts in the world in Saudi Arabia. This thrilling ride will allow visitors to cruise the red sands and sand dunes, making it a desert safari that is not to be missed.




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