Verdes Initiative

An important part of our environmental efforts is to create awareness among our guests, internal guests and local community. Our Jumby team undergoes mandatory environmental awareness training, Verdes at Jumby Bay, as well as several training sessions particularly adapted to our island. Such trainings include waste separation, energy and water conservation, local flora and fauna. Environmental information is also displayed on the notice boards and is filed and kept available for all internal guests to read.

In our rooms, suites, villas and estate homes we have placed the "Little Green Book," a compendium that guides our guests through our environmental efforts and invites them to help us wherever possible. Whenever we are arranging special environmental activities we are always welcoming our guests to join.

At Jumby Bay, we see the importance of spreading environmental awareness on our island and beyond.

  • With no cars, Jumby Bay guests navigate the island by colorful Caloi bicycles.
  • Jumby Bay is home to the Hawksbill Turtle Preservation Program, the longest running privately funded project of this kind, focused on the scientific study of the survival and recovery of Hawksbill Turtles.
  • All homes and villas on the island must have solar water heating systems and cisterns to collect roof water for irrigation.
  • All sewage water is purified and stored in a central grey tank for plant irrigation.
  • The island has a redesigned power station to minimize fuel consumption.
  • Jumby Bay Island is the largest recycler of bottles, cans and golf cart batteries on the island of Antigua.