Tequila Lessons Combine Education and Tastings
Putting a distinctly Mexican twist on traditional “wine tastings,” the Ceviche, Sushi & Tequila Bar offers Tequila Lessons combining education and tastings. The legendary liquor has been enjoying a renaissance, becoming a drink of choice among many trendsetters worldwide, and at Las Ventanas tequila is now the most popular beverage among guests. The resort’s “Tequileros” conduct the lessons for several guests up to a maximum of 10. Guests learn about the history of tequila, classifications, the distillation process, the different types, and the appropriate way to drink it. They then taste three kinds of tequilas – a Blanco (aged up to 60 days), Reposado (aged up to 12 months) and Anejo (aged a minimum of 13 months) – which are served with ceviches, guacamole, baked pita crisps and tortillas.


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