Above ground, Bermuda is well known for its perfectly kept golf greens, lush gardens and stately homes, yet beneath the surface Bermuda offers an entire world of exploration. Rosewood Tucker's Point is partnering with Hidden Gems of Bermuda Ltd. to invite adventurous guests on an "insiders" tour of Bermuda. Three unique tours take explorers from the beautiful cave systems of the island to historical sights such as St. David's Lighthouse and Fort Hamilton. Guests will have the option to choose specific tours, or reserve all three to explore more of Bermuda. Participants will receive a Rosewood Tucker's Point backpack with a boxed lunch, as well as snorkel gear, safety helmet and flashlight to use during the excursion.

Monday - Tom Moore's Jungle & Blue Hole Hill

Discover the unique Bermuda landscape which encompasses verdant lush jungles, dense forests, and crystal blue lagoons, like the beautiful Blue Hole Hill. The highlight of this expedition includes a guided descent into one of the most intricate caving systems with formations dating back more than 600,000 years.

Wednesday - St. David's Lighthouse & Cooper Island

The bird’s eye view from the top of the St. David’s Lighthouse is a one of a kind experience, all guests should have during their Bermudian journey. Guests will also be able to take a swim just off the coast of nearby Cooper’s Island, a coral reef atoll, where they will encounter tropical fish and discover one of the best snorkeling spots in the world.

Friday - The Southlands Estate & Fort Hamilton

Guests will travel to the verdant Southlands Estate in Warwick Parish to see historical Bermudian homes and garden pools set amidst a dense forest. Guests will also learn about the history of Bermuda’s 90 military fortifications during a visit to Fort Hamilton. Originally built on the outskirts of Hamilton Parish to protect this vital harbor, it now offers spectacular views of the city amidst beautiful gardens.


  • Guided exploration tour
  • Boxed lunch
  • Rosewood Tucker's Point Backpack
  • Use of snorkel gear, flashlight, and safety helmet


  • Guests should consider their physical fitness level and medical history when determining whether this tour is appropriate. Persons with a history of heart, respiratory, limited mobility, back problems, upper mobility limitations, or any major disorders should not participate. 
  • We suggest wearing proper attire for an active day, that may include trekking through dirt or muddy terrain.


  • Guests should reserve at least 48 hours prior to each tour.
  • Guests must be at least 10 years old to participate in the tour.