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Getting Lost with Zac Posen

Peter Schlesinger

Getting Lost with Zac Posen

Peter  Schlesinger • September 14, 2017

Art, hot baths—and rodeos. The peripatetic fashion designer (with a new documentary, House of Z, out this month) answers the Rosewood Questionnaire and reveals his true nature as a traveler. Plus: His favorite places in Dallas.

What attracts you to new destinations?

“I like to go to cities with great museums, and I enjoy returning over the years to see how the art collections evolve. Stepping into a museum and experiencing the works takes you away for a moment.”

What about in Dallas? Any favorite stops here?

“Dallas Contemporary is incredible. There’s deep appreciation of culture here, with private and public collections, which is always exciting to see.

“I also love the rodeo, and I love exposing New Yorkers that don’t know this side of American culture. It’s so interesting, with the German influence on the American West and Southwest, and how the rodeo stylistically evolved into a sport. It’s real and exciting—it’s man and animal.

How do you find inspiration while traveling?

“You never know what will be a source of inspiration. So you need to get your head out of your phone and keep your eyes open. When I travel, and just in my day to day, I try to be an open cultural “receive dish”—from people I meet, different experiences, scents and textures, colors and moods.”

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive someplace new?

“I take very hot epsom salt baths pretty much everywhere. It takes away the toxins from travel. I don’t know whether it’s in my head, but it helps me readjust to time zones.”

“You have to go under the tape you’re not supposed to go beyond.”



Have you ever been lost while traveling?

“Getting lost in a foreign city is such a special experience. When I was six, my parents lost me in a town somewhere in Europe for about 40 minutes, though it seemed like two days. But to get lost in a foreign city as an adult is such a special experience, to be challenged in that way. Just putting the map away in Venice, for example, which is a maze in itself: the mystery of space and movement makes you become more attuned to every noise, sense and smell.”

How do you find authenticity?

“You have to hunt it down. Find locals and push them to tell you their favorite spots. (My dad taught me that—he’s a flea marketer and an adventurous traveler.) You have to go under the tape you’re not supposed to go beyond.”

What have you discovered about the women of Dallas?

I think they embrace fashion to start with. There’s an inherent graciousness that is rare these days, and I find it incredibly inspiring and beautiful…. I’m always blown away by their understanding of quality and the balance between the “wow” moment and elegance. Texas women are powerhouses.

What do you value most in a destination?

“Surprise, experience, culture. They make the world an exciting place to travel. It’s always great to have a comfortable home-away-from-home base—once you have that, you’re free to relax and have an adventure.”

How did you discover Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek?

I love the romance of the Mansion—I like places that have history to them, and the Mansion encapsulates that. My own history with the Mansion started around 15 years ago, when it hosted my first trunk show and event with Ken Downing [of Neiman Marcus]. We arrived at the hotel after dark, and the room had this French toile on the the poster beds—a real time capsule. By the bedside was a box with a pair of black Lucchese boots with my initials, ZP. It was a great welcome!

—As told to Peter Schlesinger and Christina Geyer of Paper City Magazine


A Rosewood Conversation with Zac Posen and Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

Posen recently sat down to discuss style and travel with lifestyle expert (Rosewood Curator) Kimberly Schlegel Whitman at Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas. Watch the Rosewood Conversations video below. 

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