Abu Dhabi’s Art Hub

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts · April 1, 2017

As Abu Dhabi’s mega-museum development on the Saadiyat cultural district gains momentum, the capital is also bolstering support for home-grown artists by opening mixed-use creative spaces and artist residencies.

Abu Dhabi is emerging as one of the global art world’s most promising destinations, with flashy openings of museums, including outposts of the Louvre and Pompidou Centre. On a more local level, the city is also experiencing an art boom, thanks to institutions like the new Abu Dhabi Art Hub. The first artist community and 24-hour living space established in the UAE, the Art Hub offers residencies for foreign artists, international opportunities for Emirati artists and thriving, creative exchange between the two.

Inside the art hub’s cool and airy main gallery, an inner balcony overlooks spacious private studios while upstairs and around are offices, galleries and apartments. Since its opening, more than 100 artists have resided in this creative gathering center for inspiration and interaction.

As a platform for connecting national and international artists to the Emirates, the hub has provided accommodation, workspace and exhibition space to artists from all over the world, including Germany, Britain, Iran, South Korea, the Philippines, America and India. Individually and collectively, these promising young talents are given the freedom and platform to hone their skills in their respective disciplines, network and promote themselves. Besides exhibitions, the hub also hosts mentoring programs and partnering schemes.

“The background color of each painting is a color of the Abu Dhabi flag: red, white, black and green. And each image symbolizes an aspect of the people.” – American painter, Brenda Zlamany and former Abu Dhabi Art Hub resident artists on her Portrait of Abu Dhabi in Four Parts: Camel, Coffee Pot, Date Palm and Chandelier

Alongside its global perspective, the Art Hub also has roots deeply entrenched in the community. The center has held engaging street art exhibitions, art in the desert programs, pottery and jewelry-making workshops, as well as interactive events on art history, live painting, film and children’s art.


Abu Dhabi Art Hub: Plot 38, Musaffah; +971-2-551-5005.


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