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Aerin Lauder’s Bermuda Inspirations

By Peter Schlesinger  •    •  August 20, 2019

Aerin Lauder’s Bermuda Inspirations

By Peter Schlesinger  •  August 20, 2019

The lifestyle entrepreneur—and newest Rosewood Curator—shares her insider advice on island travel and the art of living beautifully.

Aerin Lauder credits her personal discovery of Bermuda to her grandmother Estée. The cosmetics doyenne recommended the Atlantic island as a honeymoon destination for her granddaughter back in 1996. “My husband only had a few days off from work, so it was the perfect choice for us,” recalls the beauty, fashion and home décor entrepreneur. “It feels like you’re a million miles away, but it’s so easy to get there. It’s a 90-minute flight from New York, so you can easily go for the weekend and still have two full days at the beach.” That brief, romantic visit earned Bermuda a place on Lauder’s list of favorite destinations, and a source of inspiration for her global lifestyle brand, AERIN. Below, the new Rosewood Curator answers our Rosewood Questionnaire, and elaborates on her love for this colorful island.

What attracts you to new destinations?

I get a lot of my inspiration from travel. Most of the AERIN beauty fragrances and all our candle collection are inspired by places I have been. The colors, scents and traditions of foreign countries fascinate me.

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at a destination?

Go for a walk. It’s the best way to beat jet lag and my favorite way to explore.

How do you find authenticity when you travel?

To me, it’s important to explore what is local and authentic. I always say, Don’t make too many plans. Just explore, walk around, and excite your senses.

What do you most value in a destination?

I love discovering the rich history and traditions.

What’s your process for finding creative inspiration while traveling?

I’m such a visual person, so I love to see people’s style and discover new shops, restaurants, and places to go.

Who’s your ideal travel companion, real-life or fictional?

My husband and my boys!


What do you look for in a beach destination, whether it’s the Hamptons, Bermuda, or elsewhere?

I look for places that are effortless and easy, where the people are hospitable and the food is delicious.

What’s one of your favorite memories from Bermuda?

On my last trip, I spent a perfect day on the beach with my girlfriends at Rosewood Bermuda’s Beach Club. They have one of the most beautiful private beaches in Bermuda. We drank rosé, ate fish tacos, and french fries, and just relaxed. It was a perfect day!

Sum up your travel philosophy in just a few words.

Live like a local.

You love flowers. Have you noticed any favorites in Bermuda?

Bermudian freesia and oleanders


Does anything about Bermuda inspire your work?

The traditions, scents, and colors. I particularly love the bright colors of the island—from the pink sand beaches, to the blue water and candy-colored homes. Everything is just so vibrant and beautiful.

What type of souvenirs do you search for while away from home?

I always look for local artisans and authentic pieces. I love discovering local jewelry designers, special hand-woven bags that can only be found in that little town, small shops with beautiful, handmade dresses and bathing suits. I bring a lot of local pieces into my boutiques.

Rapid Fire

Aisle or window? Window

Sunrise on the beach or sunset? Sunrise, I am an early riser. I always take a long walk in the morning. This gets me ready for my day.

City or countryside? Beach!

Sweet or savory? Sweet. My favorite candy is Swedish Fish.

Discover A Sense of Bermuda


Explore more insider stories on Rosewood Conversations from Bermuda, where Lauder has launched her first-ever hotel amenity line at Rosewood Bermuda.

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Written By: Peter Schlesinger


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