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The Art of Discovering Paris with Emmanuel Perrotin

The city’s preeminent gallerist—and newest Rosewood Curator for the Hôtel de Crillon—shares his artful perspective on the City of Light.

By Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

La Dolce Vita Toscana with Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo, a celebrated fashion guru and style maker, has influenced, created, and graced the pages of the most highly respected fashion and lifestyle magazines in the world....

By Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

Jessica Alba: Mayan Style

Jessica Alba is a Golden Globe-nominated actress whose career includes roles in films such as "Fantastic Four" and "Sin City," as well as television series like "Dark Angel," "The...

By Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

Beijing Sparkles Through the Eyes of Cindy Chao

With a sculptor father and a renowned architect for a grandfather, it was predestined that Cindy Chao would follow in their artistic footsteps. When she turned this legacy to...

By Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

A Pirouette Through China’s Capital With Tan Yuan Yuan

When she was only 11, the fate of Tan Yuan Yuan, China’s most famous ballerina, was sealed by the flip of a coin. Her mother wished her to be...

By Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

Heidi Gosman and Penny Klein: Caribbean Cool

In 2002 Heidi Gosman and Penny Klein launched heidi klein, a luxury boutique in West London designed to offer the perfect holiday wardrobe under one roof. “We set out...

By Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

Football Star Steve Young’s Ultimate Retreat

Former professional football player Jon Steven "Steve" Young has served as the managing director of HGCC since he co-founded the private equity firm with Rich Lawson in 2007. Steve's...

By Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

Mexico’s Tequila Trail

In the volcanic hills of Jalisco, a new generation of distillers is focusing attention on premium, artisanal tequila.

By Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

Taste of Home in Beijing

Trodding off the beaten path in search of a restaurant is guaranteed to build up an appetite. And that’s just one of many reasons why cozy private kitchens and...

By Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

Beijing Nights

Where to drink in the bustling city.

By Rosewood Hotels & Resorts
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