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Bermuda’s Best Beaches

By Danielle Walsh  •    •  May 28, 2019

Bermuda’s Best Beaches

By Danielle Walsh  •  May 28, 2019

With 34 beaches strung along 75 miles of coastline, the island nation has an idyllic stretch of sand for every occasion.

Before I visited Bermuda for the first time, I couldn’t wait to set eyes on its famed pink-sand beaches. But once I actually got there, all I could see was blue: The ocean, in its electric shade of turquoise, was in view seemingly wherever I went. There’s no shortage of rocky coves, hidden snorkeling spots, and—yes—pink, sandy stretches to explore. And while Rosewood Bermuda has the island’s largest private beach, it’s worth venturing further afield to find the best waterfront spot to fit your frame of mind.

Tobacco Bay

With its climbable limestone rocks, impossibly soft sand, and calm, snorkel-friendly water, Tobacco Bay may be the platonic ideal of a tropical beach. The diminutive cove, on Bermuda’s northern shore near St. George’s, has its own popular restaurant (aptly named Tobacco Bay), which sells surprisingly good burgers and chicken wings, along with the island’s iconic cocktail, the Swizzle. In summertime, stick around in the evening for beach bonfires, accompanied by live music from local bands.

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Make sure your phone’s charged before heading to Horseshoe Bay: It’s one of the most Instagrammed beaches in the world, and for good reason. The beach is a shock of pink sand that fades into the ocean, Bermuda’s version of ombré. After you upload your shot, the wide beach is ideal for building sandcastles and playing volleyball—if you don’t get too distracted by the jaw-dropping beauty all around you.

Elbow Beach

Wind isn’t ideal for most beach days, unless you’re headed to Elbow Beach, a prime spot for kiteboarding. From the sand, you can watch boarders whip around the waves and lift into the air, hoisted by their colorful sails. If you’re not a kiteboarder, you can still hit the waves on a kayak or paddleboard. It’s also makes for a great walk—half a mile long and located within striking distance of the island’s capital, Hamilton. You’ll often see Bermudians taking a post-work stroll on the sand.

Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve

On the northeast tip of Bermuda on St. David’s Island, under-the-radar Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve is home to 12 acres of native cedar and buttonwood trees and four stunning, crowd-free beaches. Once home to a U.S. military and NASA base, it’s now a decade into the the process of natural restoration. Visitors can now spot wildlife including giant hermit crabs, rare Bermuda skink lizards, snow-white tropic longtail birds, and the Bermuda petrel, the island’s endangered national bird. After a nature trail hike and picnic on the sand, head to the observation tower. Once used by NASA to look into the sky, it’s now an ideal spot for glimpsing dolphins, green sea turtles, or a breaching whale.

Jobson’s Cove

It’s barely 60 feet across, but despite its tiny size Jobson’s Cove is one of Bermuda’s most beautiful—and dramatic—shorelines. The pink-sand beach is almost entirely surrounded by large rocks, which calm the shallow water. This makes it perfect for kids to play, swim, and snorkel. For those looking to get hitched on the island, Jobson’s Cove can actually be booked as a stunning wedding location.

Astwood Cove Beach

You have to earn your relaxation at Astwood Cove Beach: It’s reached by a short but steep trek down a winding trail from the grassy lawn of Astwood Park. If you’re up for a little sure-footed adventure (closed-toed sneakers or water-shoes recommended), you’ll be rewarded with a near-empty beach surrounded by cliffs. You may even get this little piece of paradise all to yourself. The surf can be rough, so use caution if you decide to take a dip.

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Written By: Danielle Walsh


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