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BBC + Rosewood Hotels & Resorts · April 1, 2017

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle. Here’s where to decorate it.

There is no truer place to discover British style than through the design of an authentic home. Although it is highly unadvisable to knock on doors and ask for a look inside strangers’ abodes, there are other places you can delve into this aspect of culture. As with all things, British home style has evolved over the years and classic British interior design has been adapted to fit modern tastes.

Those who want to learn how this alchemy takes place can visit the studios of top British interior designers who are known for their sensibility and skill in bringing a subtle thread of tasteful British classicism into contemporary design – or simply commission them to transform one’s own home, if pockets are deep enough. If not looking for an entire room overhaul most designers, such as the recommendations below, also create individual and unique interior products such as fabrics, wallpapers, and furniture enabling fans to curate their own interior look.

When picturing the interior tastes found in traditional homes around England there are a few things that most likely come to mind. Traditional drapery in place of blinds, equine art, panelled walls, and lead glass windows, just to name a few. These quintessential elements of British interior design speak to the culture in many ways. Equine art, for example, becomes a historical testimony to the prominence of equestrian culture in England. Most British-made furnishings come with a reputation that alludes to quality and detail. While these intentions speak to older British traditions, the same high standards have made their way into modern designs today.

Take Helen Green Design, for example, the acclaimed interior designer combines modern and traditional elements of British style though minimalist color palettes mixed with intricate upholstery and rich woods. Helen Green Design’s Belgravia studio is the exemplary experience for a look inside classically modern British interior design. Nicky Haslam, on the other hand, illustrates a different aspect of British culture. His firm NH Design has been responsible for curating the homes of rock and roll superstars like Mick Jagger and Ringo Starr. The studio uses period relics, classic floral prints, and striking works of art as old-school accents to a modern and understated style. NH Design is perfectly set in the Notting Hill neighborhood.

To seek insight into British interior design in a general sense. A stroll around the Chelsea, Knightsbridge, South Kensington and Sloane Square areas leads to many exquisite design studios.

Take David Collins Studio, for example, the acclaimed interior design studio encapsulates British class in their residential designs. It is a refined, understated luxury. The kind of design that requires full attention to notice its intricate beauty. The designers and architects here are behind some of the world’s most glamorous interiors and draw inspiration from a traditional British style, which they transform it to suit our evolved lifestyles. Michael Reeves Design has also managed to accomplish the same feat. The interior designer tones down historical British flair into the minimalistic style we all look for today.

Although these designers have transformed tradition into modernity, there are those who keep the emphasis on tradition very much intact. Spencer-Churchill Designs manages to respect historic character and architecture whilst incorporating technology. Meaning an interior that looks entirely English, but with all of the modern applications modern home-dwellers desperately need.


Helen Green Design: 29 Milner Street; + 44 20-7352-3344

NH Design: 165 Cromwell Road; +44 20-7370-3100

David Collins Studio: 74 Farm Lane; +44 20-7835-5000 

Michael Reeves Design: 30 Pimlico Road, +44 20-7730-3009

Spencer-Churchill Designs:  7 High Street, Woodstock; +44 19- 9381-1887


Photos Courtesy of David Collins Studio


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