Packing Essentials from Bobbi Brown

By Sara Bliss・June 20, 2017

Effortless beauty? Bobbi Brown practically invented it. Here’s how the style and makeup guru manages to look pulled together, even when living out of a suitcase.

For 25 years, Bobbi Brown has been transforming how women around the world think about beauty—stressing simplicity, confidence and the “no-makeup makeup” look. The beauty and wellness entrepreneur has also logged hundreds of thousands of miles, whether to promote one of her nine bestselling books (her latest, Beauty From The Inside Out, explores the connection between health, confidence, and beauty) or cooking up her new lifestyle digital platform justBobbi. Not surprisingly, Brown’s approach to packing mirrors her less-is-more beauty philosophy. “I used to bring a giant suitcase with different outfits, shoes, scarves and jewelry,” explains Brown. “Now, I’ve simplified my entire life, including how I pack.” Her MO: Be ready for anything with a couple of quick switches. Slim pants, jeans and blazers can be glammed up by swapping out sneakers for platforms and sparkly rhinestones for pearls. Here, Brown shares her travel must-haves:

Bobbi Brown shows off her effortless glam look.


I usually pack mostly navy, white and black, so everything works together.


Really thin jeans with a little stretch are my favorite. I usually pack two pairs, Hudson’s slim jeans in a dark wash and ripped jeans from Zara. I also love skinny pants in a nylon material. They look just as cool with a pair of New Balance sneakers as with Prada platforms. Plus, you can wash them in the sink in a pinch and they will be dry by morning.


I wear a lot of layers when I travel because you never know what to expect. I pack black and white J. Crew T’s to wear as a base layer or for working out, and a black blazer on top works for everything—a meeting, dinner out, a party. For outerwear, a thin puffy jacket from Moncler isn’t bulky, it’s easy to pack, and it keeps you warm in any weather.


I only travel with costume jewelry. I wear my Ted Muehling earrings with a little pearl most of the time, but when I need a little sparkle for a dinner or a party, I put on Lulu Frost rhinestone earrings.


An oversized scarf doubles as a blanket on the plane or a warm layer if I am traveling somewhere I don’t need a coat. I love solids, stripes and polka dots.


I wear Ash slip-ons on the plane, pack my sneakers for long walks (I try to get 14,000 steps in a day), and one pair of platforms because everyone looks great with a little extra height.

Beauty basics

I have super dry hair so I always bring a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Olaplex revives my hair in any climate. I also rely on Color Wow wands that quickly cover up gray hairs in between touchups. Makeup essentials are tinted moisturizer to hydrate and even out skin, concealer to hide dark circles, and black eyeliner and mascara to define your eyes.


 You always want to have go-to’s if you’re not feeling well. Ginger capsules help with nausea, while acidophilus helps with digestion. I sprinkle chia seeds on salads for fiber. They are also a good source of omega 3s and antioxidants.


I wear tortoise Bobbi eyeglasses every day. When I travel I always bring a second pair. I’ve lost glasses before and it ruins the whole trip, so a backup is key. Another travel essential are sunglasses. My current favorites are The Woodson’s. They are a little bit oversized with a double metal bar across the bridge and a round shape.

“I used to bring a giant suitcase with different outfits, shoes, scarves and jewelry. Now, I’ve simplified my entire life, including how I pack.” – Bobbi Brown

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Written By: Sara Bliss


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