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At Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, we see cultural pursuits and the arts as crucial avenues to discovering the heart of a destination. Here, tastemakers share their insider tips, from museum exhibitions to know now to a global city’s hidden heritage.

Why the Creative Crowd Can’t Quit Vancouver

It may pale in size to design hubs like New York and London, but Vancouver has a surprisingly energetic appeal in the startup world, according to two entrepreneurs putting it in the spotlight.

By Celeste Moure

Beyond the Louvre: Abu Dhabi’s Art Boom

The desert city’s art scene is heating up. Here’s where to go now.

By Sarah Khan

Picture Perfect with Pascal Dangin

The Photo Whisperer answers the Rosewood Questionnaire and reveals his true nature as a traveler.

By Peter Schlesinger

From the American Southwest, Art That Transcends Time

A new exhibit at Pace Gallery in California and New York follows the thread connecting 20th-century painter Agnes Martin and 19th-century Navajo weavers.

By Leslie Camhi

An Expert’s Guide to Art in London Now

The annual Frieze fair has just ended, but edgy art initiatives are keeping the city’s creative energy buzzing. One of London’s leading curators tells us what not to miss.

By Christine Ajudua

Paradise Found: Eight Blissful Spots to Read around the World

Want to dive into a book far from the madding crowds? Bibliophiles share their reading spots of choice in eight cities.

By Suzanne Davis

Invisible Design with Tony Chi

The maestro behind Rosewood London and soon-to-open Rosewood Hong Kong talks his urban inspirations, and what he looks for most in a hotel room.

By Mikki Brammer

Florence’s Fashion Renaissance

Move over, Milan. The Renaissance city is where style and culture are converging in Italy today.

By Lee Marshall

Finding the Magic in Luang Prabang

The Morning Market in Luang Prabang. A serene bamboo pathway cuts through the Pha Tad Ke gardens. A traditional boat floats along the Mekong River past the Pha Tad Ke gardens. Bananas...

By Cynthia Rosenfeld
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Uncover our musings on travel, art, fashion, and culture from the legendary personalities who embody the spirit of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts.