Food & Drink

Here’s what has us hungry.

A Style Legend’s Guide to Paris

The extraordinary fashionable Joan Juliet Buck shares her très chic insider’s guide to the City of Lights.

By Joseph Akel

What’s Brewing in Jeddah

A new coffee roaster has the Saudi city buzzing—and it's not just the caffeine.

By Sarah Khan

Vancouver’s Bar Scene Heats Up

If you’re drinking in Vancouver, chances are you’ll come across Shaun Layton. The local cocktail maker has designed the menus, trained the behind-the-bar staff, and been a consultant to...

By Celeste Moure

Eat This Fish, Save the Planet?

Some of the world's leading chefs are helping to save the world, one plate at a time.

By Nicholas Gill

Alastair Burgess on London’s Best Bars

The Happiness Forgets bartender shares where he goes on his nights off.

By Christine Ajudua

Where the Insiders Eat

Looking for a memorable meal? Forget Yelp—we asked our network of foodies to reveal their favorite finds.

By Jamie Feldmar

Chef Eric Ziebold Dishes on D.C. Dining

Washington's restaurant scene has gone from boring to buzzy. Kinship chef Eric Ziebold explains what’s behind the resurgence.

By Sara Bliss

Jake Mueser Takes the Village

New York’s in-demand suit tailor shows us around his favorite neighborhood in the city, the charming West Village.

By Peter Schlesinger

Mexico’s Tequila Trail

In the volcanic hills of Jalisco, a new generation of distillers is focusing attention on premium, artisanal tequila.

By Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

Taste of Home in Beijing

Trodding off the beaten path in search of a restaurant is guaranteed to build up an appetite. And that’s just one of many reasons why cozy private kitchens and...

By Rosewood Hotels & Resorts
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Uncover our musings on travel, art, fashion, and culture from the legendary personalities who embody the spirit of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts.