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Beauty à la Parisienne

How to achieve that je ne sais quoi of effortless allure? Skincare expert Xavier des Caulières divulges his secret sources in Paris.

By Peter Schlesinger

Five Reasons to Visit The Bahamas Now

Island life gets a refresh in the nation's capital. 

By Kira Turnbull

Reefs on the Rebound

Just off the sugary shores of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, rows of baby coral are—quietly but steadily—battling the devastating effects of climate change.

By Sara Clemence

Introducing Luang Prabang

A mighty river, a long-overlooked food scene, and Buddhas everywhere: why the ancient Laotian city should be on your radar.

By Cynthia Rosenfeld

Introducing Phnom Penh

Long overlooked in favor of Angkor, Cambodia’s capital is experiencing a renaissance. Here are five reasons to plan a visit to Rosewood’s newest destination.

By Cynthia Rosenfeld

Kimberly Snyder’s 5 Pro Tips on a Happy, Healthy 2018

The nutritionist to the stars shares how to discover a new sense of wellbeing, and how to actually keep that New Year's Resolution.

By Rona Berg

Introducing Phuket

Why the island paradise should be on your must-visit list. Once a strategic point on the nautical Spice Trade route between India and China, Phuket has long held an iconic...

By Cynthia Rosenfeld

How to Throw the Perfect Party Away from Home

Weddings and event planner to the stars, Colin Cowie shares how to host the perfect destination bash.

By Peter Schlesinger

Traveling the World? Here’s What to Read

Room to Read founder John Wood shares his favorite books on destinations around the world. Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, John Wood recalls libraries as his “portals out of Small...

By Peter Schlesinger

Introducing Sanya

An aerial view over the cerulean waters of Dadonghai Bay, with Sanya City to the right. The reefs of Wuzhizhou are China's most spectacular, and teem with wildlife. Parasailing over the...

By Cynthia Rosenfeld
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Uncover our musings on travel, art, fashion, and culture from the legendary personalities who embody the spirit of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts.