Culinary Crossroads

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts · April 1, 2017

With a vibrant restaurant scene offering cuisine from around the world, Abu Dhabi is a bubbling crucible of epicurean creations, recipes and flavors.

Expose your taste buds to an eclectic spread, from great Ethiopian food and Afghan breads to mouth-watering Catalan cuisine.

Afghan bakeries and their wonderfully soft bread are cheap and plentiful, staffed by migrants escaping the political turmoil back home. The freshly baked flatbreads have won a strong local following over the years and the art of preparing the modest yet delicious staple helps keep the culture of the bakers’ land alive.

The humped creatures may be reliable beasts of burden in the desert, but they don’t exactly come across as delectable sources of sustenance. Camel meat tends to be a rarity on restaurant menus in the city today, but visitors can try camel milk chocolate by Al Nassma.

When its top restaurants serve world-class Italian, Chinese and French cuisine, it’s not surprising that one of Abu Dhabi’s best no-frills eateries is a purveyor of authentic Ethiopian dishes. Bonna Annee (Al Salam Street, +971-2-491-2128) is a favorite with expatriates and locals alike, due entirely to its full-flavored, spice-ridden dishes. After all, its rich wats (stews) and aromatic sourdough flatbreads more than make up for its lackluster décor and humble locale.

Abu Dhabi boasts some of the best international cuisine in the world, from the fieriest curries outside of India to award-winning Chinese eateries. It is also home to many excellent modern European establishments including Catalan, a newly unveiled restaurant decked out to resemble a traditional 19th century home from the region around Barcelona. The menu, however, reflects a light and modern approach to the Mediterranean region’s gastronomic offerings.


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