In 2019, Do As the Gurus Do


In 2019, Do As the Gurus Do


Six wellness experts share their tips for living well in the new year.

January is a time of hope, renewed optimism, and good intentions. Each new beginning presents the possibility of pushing our inner reset buttons and finally making progress on things we want to change.

But here’s the truth: While more than half of people craft New Year’s resolutions, research shows only eight percent end up keeping them. Why? According to Rosewood Phuket’s Resident Wellness Practitioner, Steve Harvey, people lapse on their resolutions “because their goals weren’t aligned with their values in the first place.”

The key to achieving your goals, says Harvey, is to strive for things that you actually, and deeply, care about. “The more important a value is, the higher it will be on your hierarchy of values and the more discipline and order you will have around it. People always have the time, the energy and the money to do that which is high on their values.”

In the spirit of success, we asked Harvey, along with five other wellness experts to share their favorite actionable—and attainable—wellness tips to get us started in 2019.

For your annual resolutions, says Rosewood Phuket‘s Harvey, “pick at least one thing that really lights you up when you think about accomplishing it. Don’t just pick things you know you should do—choose a resolution that will drive you to its accomplishment instead of you having to drive it.”

“I always remember to bring a stone, a piece of fabric, or an object that reminds me of home, with which I set up a tiny altar wherever I am,” says Wanderlust festival headliner and best-selling author Elena Brower, who teaches yoga and meditation in New York City and on wellness journeys around the world.

“Get outdoors. Forget your phone for a few hours and connect with nature,” say Cameron Jarman and Sean Huntington, co-founders of outdoor apparel company Keep Nature Wild. “It does wonders mentally and physically.” The avid hikers operate their brand with a mission: Every purchase helps fund wilderness cleanups around the world.

“Every time you start feeling anxious, sad, or angry, close your eyes and focus on your heart,” says Haru Escarcega, a Mexico City–based healer and practitioner of energy treatments. “Remember a time when you felt at peace. Bring that energy into your heart and let it spread all over your body—and outside of your body as well. It’s like magic; you will feel different.”

“Uncooked fruits and vegetables retain their full nutrient potential and contain enzymes that aid digestion and mineral-rich water for better health,” says Tess Masters, better known as The Blender Girl. The Australia-born, Los Angeles–based wellness expert and author, renowned for her inventive and nutrient-dense vegan and gluten-free recipes, swears by raw foods’ versatility: “Enjoy them whole as snacks; throw them into smoothies, juices, salads, and cold soups; use them as crudités for dips or as toppings on cooked dishes.”

Jules Aron doesn’t buy the argument that being busy excuses anyone from skipping out on staying active. “If you can’t find 30 minutes for a workout, find 10 minutes—times three!” says the New York–based holistic health coach and best-selling cookbook author. The activity doesn’t have to intense: Aron highlights the many benefits of walking, like reducing blood pressure. “Take 10 minutes in the morning and walk around the block. Then do the same during your lunch break and once more at night when you get home from work.”

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Written By: Rona Berg


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