Life Is a London Cabaret

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts · April 1, 2017

One burlesque show has turned the city’s cultural scene on its heels.

For a country known for keeping the proverbial stiff upper lip, the notion of a cabaret revival — with performers elevating the act of stripping down to one’s skivvies to an art form, takes more than a willing suspension of disbelief. And no establishment disrupted British decorum more notoriously than The Box, the most risqué of cabarets in the city, when it opened in 2011.

Located within the once seamy red-light district of Soho, the uninhibited acts gracing the legendary stage of the former Raymond Revuebar have attracted a sophisticated clientele including numerous A-listers and actual royalty. The offshoot of an underground institution in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, this “Theatre Of Varieties” offers the world’s finest performers in acts that defy easy categorization.

Catering to the most open-minded of patrons, this destination is designed to amaze even jaded globetrotters. Such erotically charged entertainment also comes dear, but The Box’s legions of fans argue that the chance to imbibe in such subversive revelry is simply priceless. One simply must step inside to find out for one’s self.

“Does it really matter as long as you’re having fun?” – Sally Bowles, Cabaret

The nondescript entrance to The Box is imbued with insider-only intrigue. Step through the heavy wooden doors to be transported into a hedonistic playground. The venue’s award-winning sumptuous décor sets the mood for partying within the inner sanctum. Here, the bold and beautiful linger long after the tantalising performances, moving to a chic musical feast.


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