Mexico’s Spiritual Adventures

Rosewood Hotels & Resorts · April 1, 2017

A spiritual journey to Mexico can inspire the heart and unlock one’s inner horizons.

Ancient mysticism permeates the beliefs, practices and landscape of this storied country. Even the travel-weary and seen-it-all may find alternative adventures to gain fresh insights into Mexico’s people, culture and oneself.

The Giving Tree

In Oaxaca, a living legend stands deeply anchored in the cultural consciousness of the town and nation — the Tule Tree, a 2,000-year-old tree believed to be a walking stick of a god who took root in the town. Named “The Tree of Life” due to the many images of creatures that can be made out from the tree’s massive trunk, it is celebrated by locals every second Monday of October — a good time to contemplate the magic of nature. Árbol del Tule: Oaxaca; +52-951-502-1224

Luxuriate in Nature

Native ingredients, lush landscapes and indigenous rituals inspired by ancient tradition make Mexico a natural destination for inspirational pampering. Start by giving in to the healing techniques of Baja through treatments at Las Ventanas al Paraíso’s spa. It is also said that the best time to receive the universe’s healing energy is during a full moon, so attend a full moon ceremony at the El Charco del Ingenio botanical gardens in San Miguel to refocus your intentions and energies.

Soul Survivor

Part acknowledgement of the country’s deeply spiritual roots and part conservation effort, Mexico’s “Magic Town” program selects historical or religious towns across the country for conservation. Pahuatlán, for example, is a town of mysticism and tradition. Here, amate paper is made and used by shamans to make dolls to control spiritual forces and conduct healings. Ancient curanderos (healers) who soothe the spirits and cleanse auras using the old ways can also be found.

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