Phuket From the Water

BBC + Rosewood Hotels & Resorts · April 1, 2017

A long history of boating and countless secluded beaches make the Thai resort one of Asia’s best yachting destinations.

Water is an important element of the Thai culture, and being surrounded by the ocean, Thais’ kinship to the sea is especially deep. Perhaps nothing sets the entire island and its international guests in motion more than The King’s Cup Regatta, Asia’s largest and most prestigious regatta. The event dates back to 1987 when the inaugural race celebrated the Thai King’s sixtieth birthday and continues to be held every December.

With such a long-running boating legacy, Phuket offers some of Asia’s most glamorous yachting experiences for the visitor. Phuket’s pristine coastline is dotted with secluded beaches, ideal to visit for a luxurious picnic by private yacht, helicopter charters or via a cruise through turquoise waters aboard one of the fine vessels from Phuket Charters or Five Star Cruises’ fleet. An experienced captain sails smoothly along Phuket’s spectacular coastline past mangrove pockets and limestone cliff face towards the distant horizon while those aboard relax on the sun-kissed deck and enjoy the service of a private butler.

For an exclusive day outing, luxury-loving guests ask the captain to sail to some of the most secluded regions around Phuket. A selection includes the remote and picturesque Koh Yao Noi, Pho Lipe, Racha, Pho Rok and the Similans where unspoilt, crystal white sand beaches await. The journey can be custom-designed to fit as much or as little action as desired including options such as savoring champagne and exquisite canapés while discovering the overlooked and fascinating ecology of Phuket Island, privately led snorkelling tours of the marine world or a three-course fine dining service at anchor.

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