A Royal Dance Revival

BBC + Rosewood Hotels & Resorts · April 1, 2017

Cambodia’s traditional Apsara dancing is enjoying a renaissance.

The King of Cambodia, himself a classically trained dancer, has made it his mission to revive and promote such Khmer traditions as the Apsara dance.

Adorned in glittering gold headdresses and accessories, with their bodices tightly wrapped in finely woven Cambodian silk, the dancers of the Apsara dance appear to have the godly presence of which their dance represents. For the duration of their performance, they are the Spirits of Cloud and Water that nourish this earthly world, giving it life, growth and love, as it is symbolized by each clasping and curving of the hands, and each exotic and sensual movement, mesmerizing the audience with their refined beauty.

Traditionally a performing art form that was once only danced at major festivals or for the entertainment (and blessing) of royalties, this classical dance of the Khmer kingdom has been given new popularity thanks to the works of Cambodian Living Arts, an organization working towards the preservation of Cambodian arts and culture. To experience the true essence of the Apsara dance, book the troupe for an exclusive private performance in the tranquil gardens of the National Museum or a magical setting of one’s choosing.


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Written By: BBC + Rosewood Hotels & Resorts


Locations: Phnom Penh

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