A Sense of Taste in Phuket

By Lifestyle Asia + Rosewood Hotels & Resorts  •  February 15, 2018

Food & travel enthusiast Erwan Heussaff shares highlights from his culinary adventures in Phuket.

“I don’t have a very good visual memory, but I travel all over the world cooking and eating everything I can get my hands on, so the way I remember things is through taste,” says Manila-based travel enthusiast Erwan Heussaff. “The very first dish I cooked was from the memory of a flavor, so each time I taste something, it really brings me back to a specific time and place.”

During his recent trip to Phuket, he sampled the flavors of southern Thailand and spent a full day with “Uncle Nun” and “Aunt Yai,” two chefs from the new Rosewood Phuket’s Ta Khai restaurant. “Ta khai” means fishing net in Thai, and Heussaf appropriately joined the chefs on a fishing expedition before touring Rawai Seafood Market, where Nun and Yai led him through the stalls selling clams, mussels, giant prawns, lobsters, crabs, fish, squid and snails. Next, the trio went to work in Ta Khai’s kitchens. “I devoured the traditional tilapia fish mousse, flavored with curry, and practically licked my plate clean with my favorite dish: curried crab made with the restaurant’s signature curry paste, which I found out took Nun and Yai years to perfect.”

Get a taste of Heussaff’s food-filled journey in the video below, and discover more of A Sense of Phuket here.

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