Serena Williams Puts Her Stylish Spin on Travel

By Mimi Lombardo  •  November 13, 2019

The tennis ace on Paris, tacos, and jetting around with kid and jewelry in tow.

Playing dozens of matches around the world in pursuit of a Grand Slam record, Serena Williams is no stranger to the road. And while she’s usually laser-focused on her opponent’s return, she’s observant enough to notice what people around her are wearing.

“I love to watch French women—how they dress and how they approach style. I love observing all that, being conscious of what they’re wearing on their necks as well as on their bodies,” she says. Williams’s appreciation of that effortless Parisian chic is unmistakable in her latest venture, a new jewelry line that launched last week to sparkling reviews. The 70-piece collection, called simply Serena Williams Jewelry, mingles classic styles with trendier looks, all fabricated in precious metals and ethically sourced, conflict-free gems.

Another motivation: sharing her long string of good luck. “I’ve worn hearts from literally my first Grand Slam win in 1999 to the last one,” says the woman who has won more Grand Slams than any other active player, male or female, while also becoming a mother to a two-year-old and heading up a venture firm. “As much as I don’t believe in good luck charms, there is a little part of me that can’t help but use the same locker every year. I’ve always worn hearts [for competitions] so I wanted to design something that’s true to my style—but stands out.” The results: a heart pendant made of 14-karat rose gold and round pavé diamonds with an elongated point. Other styles tout inspirational mantras like Queen, Lucky, Winner, and Loved.

A tenacious athlete on the court, in person Williams is the embodiment of grace and sophisticated style, like the French women she admires: a warm, genuine smile, a soft tone, dressed in an ice-blue pleated skirt and knit top that sets off her heart necklace. It’s clear that at her essence, Williams appreciates her successes and the opportunities she’s been afforded—especially her daughter Olympia, with whom she travels everywhere. Surprisingly for someone with such a grueling schedule, she’s frequently seized by wanderlust. “I’ve grown to love travel—sometimes when I’ve been home for more than two weeks I think, I’ve got to go somewhere!”

This fierce competitor and consummate traveler spoke to Rosewood Conversations about trotting the globe with tennis racket and family in tow.

What moved you to create a jewelry collection?

I have always worn jewelry—even on the court. For me, it is fun to transform an outfit through accessories. I wanted my pieces to be playful, classic, and edgy, but still of high quality so they last.

What is your dream for the future of the collection?

That women gift themselves with my jewelry. It’s so important to do little and big things for yourself. We all work hard and deserve to be kind to ourselves.

Traveling with a toddler can be challenging. Do you find it’s worth the effort?

I have not spent a day apart from Olympia since she was born, and of course we travel all over the world for my job. Olympia makes traveling more fun, no matter the challenge. Every day with her is worth it.

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at a destination?

Unpack. It can be a chore but unpacking and settling into my room makes me feel more balanced.

Do you have a favorite place?

I love Paris—I’m kind of obsessed with it. I have owned an apartment there for a long time and even learned to speak French. I’ve learned a lot about fashion just by watching French women in their day-to-day lives—we should all strive to be a little more Parisian chic.

What’s the one thing you never travel without?

I always travel with my jewelry, whether it’s for a tournament, business, or vacation. There’s always room in your suitcase for jewelry.

What’s your favorite thing to eat while traveling?

I love tacos—they’re my go-to.

Where are you off to next?

My family and I just returned from the Maldives…what a beautiful country. It’s important to take time to unplug, reset and be connected with your family no matter the destination. Sometimes a staycation is just as refreshing.

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Written By: Mimi Lombardo


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