The Ultimate Man Day in Paris


Condé Nast Traveler Creative Director Yolanda Edward’s husband Matt Hranek spends a great day in Paris, while she has a spa day at The Crillon.

The Crillon’s sky-lit spa pool. Photo courtesy of Hotel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel.

The spa at the Crillon is a spa you would want to go to, in a small town in the middle of nowhere. The fact that it’s a hotel spa, in the middle of one of the largest (and most of our favorite) cities in the world—well…let’s just say, I wanted to stay here all day. I spent my day in and out of the indoor pool (it has an open roof so there’s beautiful daylight, which highlights/accents perfectly the gold bottom of the pool). When I wasn’t in the pool, I was lounging next to it, drinking the tea they serve guests, and nibbling on the Medjool dates (my favorite) and other dehydrated fruits they offer. But enough about my pampering—the point of this is—my husband, Matt Hranek, took my tips and added his own finds to what we are calling The Ultimate Man Day in Paris.

Le Barber at the Crillon. Photo by Yolanda Edwards.

(Bear in mind, with home base being as grand as the Crillon, Matt didn’t want to go too far afield, so he stayed mostly in the 1st.)

While I was being pampered, of course he had to try out Le Barber, the only female barber in all of Paris. Super-old school shave, with Aqua di Parma products…and afterwards, he sprung for a shoe shine at Devoir de Court, which shares the same space with the barber.

Devoir de Court. Photo by Yolanda Edwards.

Although some of the old-school places are gone around the Place Vendome (we still mourn the loss of Sulka), there is still Charvet. Sure, you can buy Charvet ready to wear outside France, but here, you can get your shirts custom made, and you can get pretty much anything they sell in the store—from pocket ties to underwear—custom ordered.

Afterwards, I had him pop into E.B. Meyerowitz, the eyeglass makers. (Isn’t it always more fun to buy something you need to wear every day, when you’re on holiday?!) I knew he wanted a new pair and they are able to do custom frames and turn it around within a couple of days. Just around the corner—another custom operation—this run by two young-ish Parisians, making bespoke jeans and shirts.

E.B. Meyerowitz. Photo by Yolanda Edwards.

Very different vibe from Charvet, and also a different price point.

Another sartorial favorite in the neighborhood, Hilditch & Key may be known for their shirts, but we love them for their pajamas. They’re the best cotton, bright colors with great opposing color piping, and not as expensive as you might expect.

Hilditch & Key may be famous for its shirts, but Edwards and her husband recommend the pajamas as well. Photo by Yolanda Edwards.

A couple of blocks away is one of Matt’s favorite haunts, Harry’s New York Bar. While it may be known for being the birthplace of the Bloody Mary, he goes for the Negroni (made by a very polite bartender in a starched white jacket). And the hot dog. Sure, it’s a simple classic Frankfurter, steamed, in a brioche-style bun, but sometimes it’s just what you want after all that French food. Then there’s the nostalgic interior—more like what you would expect in a New England Ivy League bar…it’s a good place to get a drink, and somehow, vaguely feel like you belong.

While it’s not exactly in the neighborhood, a lovely walk away, and well worth it, is a stop into Legrand Fils, the epic wine shop inside the Galerie Vivienne. If it’s a rainy day, this is a perfect place to while away an afternoon. Besides ogling the overwhelming selection of wines and Champagnes you rarely see stateside, they also have great French packaged goods—biscuits, candies, etc.—which are perfect gifts to bring home. Make sure you look up at the cork ceiling, a detail I love, and am obsessed with trying to copy. And don’t skip sitting at the wine bar, ordering a glass of Krug (where else can you order Krug by the glass?!), and a cheese selection.

It’s easy to spend a whole afternoon at Legrand Fils wine store. Photo by Yolanda Edwards.

One other spot on our Man List: the very chic tobacco store Tabac George V. It’s a walk over to the 8th arrondissement, but if you like cigars, it’s a place you must have on your list. Pro tip: Ask the lovely concierges at the Hotel de Crillon to have a driver bring you over there in their vintage Citroen DS. You can opt to walk back with cigar in hand, or savor it in the chicest cigar lounge you might ever sit in, back at the Crillon. – Yolanda Edwards

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