The Wellness Warriors of New York City

BBC + Rosewood Hotels & Resorts · April 1, 2017

Where to keep fit in the Big Apple.

An essential part to survival in the city is keeping fit. You’re no longer in a place where this means a boring hour on the treadmill. You’re in New York, and here you can indulge in almost anything.

If you want to ride a bicycle in a swimming pool, you can do that. AquaCycling at Aqua Studio is the latest New York fitness craze in the heart of Tribeca. Forget the days when you cycled in a dull room on dry land, this spinning experience takes place in four feet of healing saltwater that will challenge you with high-intensity cardio and full-body toning. Already a fitness trend in Europe, Aqua Studio was opened by French expat Esther Gauthier who designed the three-storey wellness boutique with a Parisian sense of intimacy and elegance: just steps down from the loft-style reception, a candlelit pool with state-of-the-art cycles immersed in optimally temperate water gives fitness fans an invigorating workout.

For another spin class with a difference, look no further than Monster Cycle + Studio in SoHo. This studio, once described as the gothic spin-off of SoulCycle, is a cycling club meets grunge nightclub meets graffiti art gallery. You might want to consider your outfit carefully. This is the kind of gym that could only be dreamt up in New York. Instructor Michael Macneal wanted to build a space and lifestyle concept at the intersection of art, nightlife, fashion and fitness, and created a studio with a black-and-white industrial design scheme, custom-made matte black Schwinn bikes, a club sound system, art installations and a DJ booth. High-octane spin classes are dark, sweaty and noisy – with rock-hard glutes guaranteed.

From water to land to the sky, test your strength at the Big Apple’s famous Trapeze School New York. Here you can get in shape while literally flying across the West Side Highway; it’s so enjoyable you won’t even realize you’re getting a workout. Trapeze classes offer a cardio workout that builds strength and flexibility. After a yoga-inspired warm-up, attendees complete core conditioning reps on the trapeze, such as hanging by the arms to build up strength, before heading up to the high trapeze to discover their sense of grace and control – albeit while overcoming any fear of heights as they swing and flip like a circus performer through the air.

The options certainly don’t stop there. When it comes to fitness and finding your own beat, there is no better way to kill two birds with one stone than at Daybreaker’s early morning rave experience. Start your day with a celebrational dance in this immersive workout, which bills itself as a community, dance party and wellness movement. The unique experience, held at a different iconic venue with each pre-work party, will not only have you moving your feet but will awaken you with yoga, mesmerizing visual entertainment, a free massage, coffee and breakfast. Good morning, New York City!

Photos by @bibble85, @otpym@ezzmayjay and Aqua Studio. Featured photo by Aqua Studio.


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