Rosewood's Pledge: To Value the Earth's Resources and Demonstrate Environmental Sensitivity

We vow to be noble stewards of nature and proactively seek ways to conduct our business in a manner that puts environmental responsibility and sustainability at the forefront of our business objectives.

Verdes® Responsibilities

Embrace A Sense of Place®

  • Respect the unique setting, history, environmental sensibilities and cultural mores for each community in which we are located
  • Prioritize conservation and sustainability in each Rosewood location and adopt proactive policies to address them
  • Establish relationships with environmental advocates to create educational and stewardship opportunities unique to each locale

Provide Ultimate Hospitality

  • Offer ultra-luxurious accommodations consistent with guest expectations of Rosewood hospitality and provide impeccable service that exceeds them without compromising or disrespecting the environment
  • Manage conscientiously and with integrity the natural resources and environments which play host to Rosewood properties
  • Embrace our tradition of refined elegance and residential aesthetic while showing consideration for the environmental setting

Nurture Nature

  • Help preserve clean air and water by implementing sustainable and environmental policies and standards for housekeeping, facility maintenance, landscaping and transportation
  • Manage and reduce waste by implementing sustainable and environmental policies and standards that address the "Five Rs" of waste management:  Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Remove
  • Conserve and reduce energy by implementing sustainable and environmental policies, standards and systems including the use of energy efficient equipment

Educate and Dedicate

  • Include environmental sensitivity in policy and planning for all areas of the company, including purchasing, budgeting, development and marketing
  • Incorporate sustainability training into associate job training
  • Offer guests the option of choosing eco-friendly housekeeping, natural and organic food and beverage choices and energy efficient appliances
  • Create ongoing auditing and monitoring metrics and implement enhancements to ensure continual improvement