Eating Hot: Red Bowl Launches Reinvigorated Menu

December 19, 2018

RED BOWL, the one-of-a-kind contemporary hot pot restaurant at Rosewood Beijing, fully reinvigorated its menu during this winter. The new menu offers more local favorites and high-quality fresh ingredients with authentic flavors from around the region. Created by the elite culinary team, the refined menu aims to offer guests a holistic and elevated hot pot experience.

Apart from the forever popular stocks like the Red Bowl Red, Green Sichuan Pepper, Beijing Clear Stock, Tomato and Potato, Mushroom, the newly launched menu also high-light two distinctive new stocks; Spicy Sichuan and Qingyuan Chicken with Shaoxing. The Spicy Sichuan allows the spice lovers to find exhilarating taste. Crafted with pork bone and chicken soup, served with Red Chili, Red Sichuan Peppercorn, the rich fragrance is the perfect match for beef and mutton. The Qingyuan Chicken with Shaoxing Wine features nutritious yellow wine chicken soup, which warms up diner’s body and soul.

These awesome stocks enhance the taste of the high-quality ingredients. Chef’s recommendations include selected meat such as Australian Wagyu Sirloin M9+, Beijing Black Pork Neck, Ningxia Boneless Lamb Rib Roll, and fresh seafood such as Red Hairy Crab, Canadian Red Shrimp, Snow Crab Leg. Duck Blood Jelly, Soy Sauce - Braised Honeycomb Tripe, are popular among Chinese, and Tofu-Wrapped Crab Roe, Fish Cheese Ball, Rice Fish Cake inspired by Japanese Oden are also available. These abundant dishes make the hot pot experience even more exceptional and remarkable with the aroma permeating between lips.

RED BOWL’s beverages are also one of the distinguished features that complement to the rich and spicy hot pot flavors. Standing in the bar area of the entrance, the four-liter beer tower extends the spirit of sharing. The RED BOWL Creation offers a selection of creative cocktails, a combination of local flavor and local culture to create a novel collision with hot pot and cocktail. The RED BOWL G&T is popular due to its pink hue and expresses the charm of RED BOWL with Star Anise, Goji and other Chinese ingredients.

The lively atmosphere of hot pot revolves around sharing and reunion, an age-old Chinese tradition. For dinner, guests can choose to share delicious food at the four-person hot pot table. For groups of 10 or more guests, four private dining rooms are also available for additional privacy if desired. RED BOWL features a hot pot counter with individual burners for each guest or guests can gather around a delicious simmering metal pot at the center of each table.

The History of Chinese Hot Pot

Chinese hot pot dates back more than 1,500 years, when Mongol horsemen cooked over campfires by searing meat in their shields and simmering soup in their helmets. Traditional Mongolian-style shuan yang rou hot pot subsequently became one of China’s signature dishes.  Today, eating hot pot is a joyful social event, where families and friends gather around a steaming pot, select freshly prepared meats, seafood and vegetables, place them in the pot to cook (but not for too long) before dipping the hot treats in a choice of sauces.

Hot pots are often prepared in line with traditional Chinese herbalist theories, with dried red dates, sweet goji berries, bitter medicinal roots and fresh ginger adding both flavor and health benefits.

Into the pot go typical Mongolian and Northern Chinese ingredients such as thinly sliced lamb or beef, fresh leaf vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and noodles. Across China, local adaptations embellish the tradition. Among the most famous variations is Sichuan hot pot, known for its tongue-numbing ma la sensation, combining spicy Sichuan peppers, chili, garlic and anise with sliced beef, fresh water fish and exotic vegetables.

RED BOWL dinner is available from 5:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. from Mondays to Sundays. During weekend, lunch starts at 11:30 a.m. and ends at 2:30 p.m.

For inquiries or reservations, please call +86 10 6536 0066 or email

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