Rosewood Tucker’s Point Announces Exclusive New Programs Designed to Discover Bermuda’s Hidden Gems

June 27, 2014

Resort partners with Hidden Gems of Bermuda Ltd. to provide Adults & Teens alike with an exclusive experience

June 2014 – Rosewood Tucker’s Point announces a new partnership with Hidden Gems of Bermuda Ltd. in order to create several exclusive programs for guests to discover an insider’s perspective on Bermuda. From exploring caves, jungles and historical sites around the island that are often missed to discovering incredible secret spots right in the hotel’s own back yard, native Bermudian Ashley Harris of Hidden Gems of Bermuda Ltd. will provide guests will a completely unique experience – even for frequent visitors to the island. A ‘Tween & Teen’ program that is exclusively available for young guests of the resort is offered each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Geared toward the ages of 10 to 18 years old, a different tour option will be offered each day of the week – or simply choose all three to experience the ultimate hidden spots of Bermuda. Each Sunday, Ashley will guide guests of Rosewood Tucker’s Point around the property for a truly unique tour of the resort’s hidden spots and imparting her inside scoop from a Bermudian perspective.

Monday Expedition: Tom Moore’s Jungle & Admiral’s Cave

The adventure begins as the group heads into Bermuda’s one and only jungle filled with cave explorations and swimming options. After entering this lush land, the most majestic scenery awaits filled with national birds, trees and other beautiful creatures. Large lagoons with different shades of aqua are habitats for tropical fish which can be witnessed closely in this natural environment. Tom Moore’s Jungle also has a rich history that dates all the way back to when the first settlers arrived on the island over 400 years ago. Additionally, one of Bermuda’s oldest homes lies on this property and it has been preserved in its original state of British-Bermudian architecture comprised of Bermuda Cedar and Limestone. The journey continues by descending via ropes deep into Bermuda’s largest accessible cave. The natural formations in Admiral’s Cave can be dated back to more than 600,000 years old. This exclusive experience traveling with a caving expert to the depths of Bermuda’s best kept secret hidden gems is not to be missed.

Wednesday Expedition: St. David’s Lighthouse & Cooper’s Island

The day begins by traveling to the island of St. David’s located in Bermuda’s world-renowned historic parish of St. George. Home to the island’s most authentic lighthouse on the island, it is constructed of Bermuda limestone which is the same natural resource Bermudians use to build their homes. St. David’s Lighthouse sits atop one of the island’s highest peaks and offers panoramic views from its balcony 260 feet above sea level. Guests will learn an epic story of pirating that claimed many ships wrecked by the island’s surrounding treacherous reef system. Next, guests will visit the beautiful Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve nestled at the eastern end of Bermuda. This is the only location on the island to see both the South Shore and North Shore at the same time. Cooper’s Island has a few secluded beaches where guests will learn about the Bermuda pink sand and what contributes to making it look so beautiful and feel just as comfortable. Lastly, the journey will take the kids to the top of an observation deck which is built above the former NASA Space Station on Cooper’s Island.

Friday Expedition: The Southlands & Fort Hamilton

This journey begins by traveling across the island into the parish of Warwick where the Southlands Estate is located. The first part of this pristine property is adorned with a beautiful Banyan Tree grove that has swinging vines all overhead. The Banyan Tree is also known as the tree of eternal life and it has quite a few healing properties that guests will be able to learn about. The adventure continues in the most populated parish of Pembroke where Fort Hamilton lies on the outskirts of Hamilton city. This fort was built, but ended up being utilized for ammunition storage as it was outdated before its completion almost ten years later. The tour ends with a walk around the outside of the fort to get a panoramic view of the city and Hamilton Harbor.

Sunday Expedition: Rosewood Tucker’s Point

Ashley will guide guests of Rosewood Tucker’s Point around the property for a truly unique tour of various hidden spots from the Coffee Chine to the Yellowwood Encounter along the golf course to the Hillside Tower found at the highest peak on the grounds. She will even teach guests about the intricate caving system around the resort and allow guests to explore caves that were not previously accessible. Dependent on weather, she will be able to take guests snorkeling around the reef system or go swimming in the famed Church Cave.

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday adventure costs $150 per child or $425 per child for all three days. Each tour takes place between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm; two person minimum/five person maximum per day. A backpack is included to take home and includes daily lunch along with snorkel gear, flashlight and safety helmet to borrow for the week. The Sunday excursion begins at 11:00 am and ends at 2:00 pm (if snorkeling is not involved) or 3:00 pm with snorkeling. The cost per person is $75 (without snorkeling) or $100 (with snorkeling).Reservations should be made at least 48 hours in advance by calling the Concierge at 441.298.4000 or emailing

About Hidden Gems of Bermuda:
Hidden Gems of Bermuda Ltd. is an all-inclusive island eco tours company that offers a unique opportunity for adventurous people to go on ecological excursions to some of Bermuda’s most magnificent locations. Their mission is to provide customers with an experience of a lifetime exploring some of Bermuda’s best kept secrets. They travel to exquisite locations offering a sense of excitement for individuals with an adventurous spirit and passion for the great outdoors. Visit our website at to discover more information.

About Rosewood Tucker’s Point®:

Tucker’s Point is a 240-acre residential and resort community with breathtaking vistas of Castle Harbour, Harrington Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. Site of Bermuda’s first new luxury hotel in 40 years and its first-ever fractional ownership clubs in addition to whole ownership homes, the community affords residents and guests exceptional recreational facilities. These include the acclaimed 18-hole Tucker’s Point Golf Course, tennis courts and a croquet lawn, Bermuda’s longest private pink-sand beach, a 12,000-square foot spa and a fine dining restaurant in its 100-guest room hotel. In April 2011, Tucker’s Point joined prestigious Rosewood Hotels & Resorts. It has earned accolades and awards from a host of prestigious sponsors, including Condé Nast Traveler (2010 Hot List, 2011 Gold List, 2011 Top Resorts in the Atlantic), Travel & Leisure (2011 500 World’s Best Hotels), Elite Traveler (2010 Top 101 Hotel Suites), Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report 2011 Grand Award and Hotel Manager of the Year Award, and The Bermudian Magazine (2010 Building Design Award.) Visit for additional information.

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