Abbas Chanatt


Rosewood Abu Dhabi


I moved to Bangalore – eight hours away by train from my hometown. That was the best gift I could give to myself as it defined my future. A person must travel the world in order to understand all aspects of life.


I was selected for a job in the United Arab Emirates and was impatiently waiting for my work visa. Once the visa was issued, there was a mistake in my name so I had to stay home longer waiting for the visa to be corrected. I was very upset! Suddenly, my father passed away. It was pure luck that I was home at that time – because if the visa had been correct I would have already been in Abu Dhabi, not able to say a last goodbye to my father. This taught me that whatever happens in life is for a reason, and when, sometimes, things do not happen the way we want, it might actually be for the better.


My son Shahid was born. I miss him so much, as well as my wife. I call them every second day – they know that everything I do is for my child’s better future.


I joined Rosewood Abu Dhabi’s pre-opening team. I have learned all my life, but what I learned at Rosewood Abu Dhabi are the most important skills I have – I learned to work in a team, learned the meaning of five-star service and learned how important quality is. I can say with confidence that now I know hospitality at its best.


I received a promotion to my current job. It is interesting how every new job I went to and every new skill I learned all became useful to me in my current role. For example, the different languages that I speak help me now to deal with suppliers better; the experience that I received in the supermarket helps me to organize stores in a more effective way; the sales job I once had helps me to negotiate better prices for our hotel. I am grateful for every experience I have had in my life as each experience has made me a better person now.

I was born in Kerala, India, and at the age of 20, I had an urge to explore and discover, I packed my bags and moved to another state, to Bangalore – known as the most demographically diverse city in India and called the “Silicon Valley of India” as there are so many technology companies and large foreign corporations.