Erol Salindeho

Accommodation Manager

Rosewood Abu Dhabi


While I was studying at hotel school in Indonesia, I had my first opportunity to do voluntary on-the-job training in Jakarta, Indonesia, during my first year semester holiday. I was rotating as a waiter in different outlets and I continued my second year of study after completion of my on-the-job training. I had so much fun!


I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to complete my first real internship program. I learned about the hospitality industry by working as housekeeper, front desk agent and sales and marketing administrative assistant. The hotel’s banquet department was always busy; therefore, I volunteered to participate when they needed an extra hand to assist. It was my first time to handle a giant tray and I dropped it on the floor while doing clearance – I cannot forget the incident, but it was all part of the learning process.


My dream came true to work overseas. It was an exciting moment as I was chosen from among many applicants from Jakarta, Indonesia, to work in a five-star hotel in Doha, Qatar. I started my career as housekeeper and I was soon promoted to housekeeping coordinator. It was the first time for me to work with so many different people from various different countries, and so many memorable moments got pictured on my journey book – it was awesome!


When people say there is always a first time for everything – I agree. I moved to Dubai and joined another five-star hotel as housekeeping coordinator as part of a pre-opening team for the first time – and being on the pre-opening team was an amazing experience that every hotelier should have at least once. I was lucky to have the chance to do it again two years later with another property, also in the housekeeping department. A year later, I was given a great chance to move to human resources and I have never looked back – this is where I belong.


I moved to Abu Dhabi as human resources executive at Rosewood Abu Dhabi. I was focusing on recruitment (another dream come true) where I enjoyed talking with and finding associates to be placed based on his or her talents, desires and needs. Three years later, as accommodation manager, I am honored to lead accommodation day-to-day operations, which, I would say, is another opportunity for me to nurture our relationship hospitality not only with associates but also with the community around us.

I was born and grew up in a small town in north of Jakarta. At age 10, my father took me to a city called Bandung for a family weekend getaway; we stayed in a local hotel named Hotel Santika. The receptionist greeted us and we were escorted to our room. The smiling faces of the staff and seeing the bathtub were my first impressions of the hospitality world. I said to myself, I want to work in a good hotel one day. Later, I enrolled in the Tourism Institute in Jakarta to pursue my dream.