Greg Yu

Assistant Director of Food and Beverage

Rosewood Beijing


This was my first year in high school in China. Every day, I was just studying day and night, and I felt lost. So, I left my home and family and went to Austria on my own to continue my high school education and to explore the world. Many years later, I asked my parents why they were not afraid to leave me alone in a foreign country at such a young age. They said they were worried at the time, but that they saw something in my eyes that told them this was the right decision and I could survive outside of my comfort zone.


Having completed high school in Austria, I decided to continue my education in the hospitality industry. It was during this time that I watched a Korean movie about hoteliers – their profession, their attitudes as well as their lives. They seemed so gentle and well educated, and I thought this is exactly how I pictured my future. That is the reason why I chose this industry as my lifelong career.


After college, I spent one and a half years working in Europe. I would say this was the most precious time, because when you work in another country, you can really experience the native lifestyle and culture, as well as get to know what it is like to be a resident. I took the opportunity to travel all over the continent. This experience turned me into who I am today – someone with an open mind and a positive attitude who is always excited to start a new day.


I joined Rosewood Beijing as IRD manager then move to a front service outlet – Country Kitchen. I felt that I needed to be more proactive for the next level or even the level after that one. For me, Rosewood Beijing is not a hotel, it is THE hotel, it is an art piece with a cozy home atmosphere and warm associates – it is like a teenage girl, full of passion, young, always ready for adventure. All of these elements can influence whoever works here and they remind me: “Do not forget your dreams; you have to fight to keep them alive.”


With the promotion to assistant director of food and beverage, I sincerely feel that my efforts have been fruitful. Making plans for the future, joining Rosewood, keeping a positive attitude as well as working hard to make sure I am walking toward the right direction, eventually, you will get what you are fighting for. This is what I learned from Rosewood. I also learned that there is much more waiting for me to explore, much more development space for me as well as the team…

I was born in China but went to high school and college in Austria and France for seven years and have been influenced by both cultures. As an adventurer with an open mind, I am full of enthusiasm to travel the world and communicate with other people. I still remember a Korean movie when I was 18 about the life of hoteliers’ – their passions and their professional gestures when they were talking and their flexibility as well as their smiles deeply touched me. All these characteristics made me fall in love with the hospitality industry and I chose it as my career.