James Verlinden

Restaurant Manager, The Mirror Room

Rosewood London


I am an hotelier through and through. I was literally born into the business, as both my parents were hoteliers. I lived in some of the most beautiful hotels for the first 11 years of my life. My multicultural upbringing meant that this was the only job I ever wanted to do.


I was accepted into Glion Hotel School. The experience to date has been one of the most rewarding periods of my life. It was not just about the Swiss style of training and discipline or the practical knowledge but the experience of being with others who had the same love for the industry and being part of teams, taking on projects and working together and building friendships that to this day are strong.


I started my career as a food and beverage management trainee in London, which exposed me to a supervisor level in in-room dining, restaurants and event operations. After finishing my program, my heart was set on events and group sales as a junior executive. I earned several promotions to finish my time as deputy head of event sales and operations.


I have always loved traveling, but now with social media and my love for photography, I enjoy my travels more, capturing a country’s history, culture, architecture and people, etc. I also enjoy exploring new restaurants and new bars to not only try all things food and drink related but to also try new experiences in these new places. This has led to my interest in all things related to hotels and to food and beverage in particular.


I received a great education and Rosewood London was the perfect fit for me to further my knowledge and experience. I started as a senior events sales manager and had the privilege of managing some of Rosewood London’s first big events and groups. I received promotion to restaurant manager of the Mirror Room in 2014, and I took on this opportunity as a stepping-stone to be my next major goal of the assistant director of food and beverage.

I am proud that I have established myself as a leader in both event sales and operations as well as in my current role as restaurant manager.

I have lead creative, driven teams in my role as assistant director of event sales and operations and continue to do so on a bigger scale within restaurant operations with associates that excel in service and all things food and beverage related.