Mihaela Sirbu

Catering Manager

Rosewood Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


The first time I travelled by myself was for a summer vacation course in England. From the very first week, I realized that there is so much to see and so many different people and cultures out there that I had to go out and explore the world.


I must admit one of the main reasons I decided to move to Switzerland was because my university – the Swiss Hotel Management School in Caux Palace, Montreux – literally looked like Hogwarts from the Harry Potter movie … and then magic happened: I fell in love with hospitality.


When I went to Florida to work as a front office receptionist I was expecting that all guests would be nice and happy because they were on vacation. However, I discovered they could be in a bad mood too – no one told us that at school! It was one of the best life and career challenges I have gone through and to influence guests’ experience for the better was very rewarding.


Having an “old school” dad, I never thought I would ever live in the Middle East, but after exploring Europe and the US, I thought why not give it a try and come to the land of hospitality and luxury.


Just when I thought that my job at the front office was becoming routine, I was offered a new opportunity in the catering department. Since then, I have realized that this is truly what I enjoy doing and I would never get bored with it.

Ever since I can remember, I was the “good and obedient” child, with my brother being the naughty one. This was also probably also because I was more shy and, growing up in a traditional family with a conservative father, a girl cannot do much.