Juan Carlos Vazquez Castillejos

Front Desk Manager

Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort, Los Cabos, Mexico


At the age of 15 my family (parents cousins, aunts, and uncles) rented a bus and drove to Chiapas. The waterfalls and forests were beautiful, but the laughs and stories are what I treasure.


Attending university is a privilege. This allowed me to learn two life lessons, about myself and learning is forever.


A true testament of my parents’ support - they brought a special souvenir from Mexico City for a guest. This was impossible to obtain here.


Learning is forever. I invest a lot of time studying. In this leadership role, I hope to transfer my passion for learning to those around me.


Two children (Lucca and Simone) staying at the hotel spoke only Italian. I translated a story about Mexican culture into Italian to read with them.

At the core of life balance are two key everyday concepts, daily achievement and enjoyment, ideas deceptive in their simplicity. These concepts motivate me to do my best. I strive to enjoy and achieve whether I am at the gym, cooking, spending time with family, or at work. Comparing my experiences working in other companies, Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort, is the only one that provides a real balance in my life; a daily opportunity to achieve and enjoy. We have a real spirit of service towards both guests and associates. This enables employees to feel valued and comfortable. This is what makes my work enjoyable.

I studied at Anahuac University, gained a Bachelor’s degree in tourism administration, learned to speak fluent English and Italian, and my hospitality journey commenced. I have been working for Rosewood Hotels & Resorts for over five years and I am most proud of my professional growth. I set a goal to grow within the rooms division. Happily, I have found the formula to keep completing the steps to achieve this goal. I started as a butler, and am now in my fourth position. The opportunities and challenges of different positions over five years has been rewarding.

Although Mexico boasts one of the strongest economies in Latin America, it is still developing and there is a significant gap between rich and poor. Being a native of Mexico, I have an intrinsic desire to support efforts to bridge the gap when possible. Throughout the year I commit to collecting and donating clothes, furniture, toys and other household items to families in the area. My parents taught me the value of having a balanced life. Assisting others and donating is another outlet for enjoyment and achievement - balancing life.