The massive celebration allows visitors to fully experience the Arabian culture at its most authentic way.


Take a nature tour to explore the vibrant beauty of the city garden.


An exhilarating selection of water sports awaits adventurous guests


Located 700km from Jeddah, historical Madain Saleh is a UNESCO World Heritage Site during the time of the Nabataeans Madain Saleh was in the middle of the caravan trail between Mecca and Petra. After the Romans seized Petra in AD 106, Madain Saleh’s fortunes declined.


Bespoke services and luxury brands abound in modern Jeddah’s many shopping malls.

Amid a landscape marked by contrast, where the desert meets the Red Sea, all the amenities and attractions a leisure or business traveler desires are close at hand in Jeddah. Guests are invited to explore this historic city filled with cultural and art sites. For those seeking an authentic Saudi shopping experience, the traditional souks and markets are still flourishing and well worth a visit.



This sophisticated Indian restaurant is five-minute's drive from the hotel in Star Avenue Mall. The menu offers a broad range of dishes from the subcontinent and is known for its juicy Indian grills.


Lebanese cuisine is one of the most popular choices for dining out in the Middle East and Goodies has been serving up a selection of favorite dishes from Lebanon for more than 30 years. An ideal destination for solo traveler or a group meal, Goodies has a full menu of authentic Lebanese dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located in Star Avenue Mall, five-minute's drive from Rosewood Jeddah.


The Steak House menu offers a complete selection of high quality, Halal-certified USDA steaks and a famous all-you-can-eat soup and salad bar. Steaks are grilled to perfection over an open fire to sear in the natural juices, or diners can grill their own over a 440◦C specially-treated volcanic granite stone.


Mall of Arabia

Located near King Abdulaziz International Airport south of the Corniche, the Mall of Arabia offers  261,000 square meters of air conditioned retail, dining and entertainment.

Red Sea Mall

Red Sea Mall is located at the northern suburbs of Jeddah on Malik Road. Featuring specialized designer stores the mall is a blend of international and local brands. It also has variety of restaurants, cafés, diners and entertainment for children.


King’s Fountain

A landmark of the Jeddah skyline, King Fahd’s Fountain towers over the city and is the world’s largest seawater fountain. Three giant pumps deliver 625 liters of water per second at a speed of 375 km/h (233 mph) to create a majestic plume of water rising up to 312 meters (1,023 feet) in the air. Also known as Jeddah fountain, more than 500 spotlights illuminate the fountain at night, from 6 p.m. to midnight.

The Floating Mosque

A spectacular mosque built over the Red Sea, the Floating Mosque is a beautiful building to behold. Also known as the white mosque, it takes on different colors of the light and sky throughout the day and night. Its design blends modern with traditional Islamic architecture.

Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum

The Abdul Raouf Khalil museum’s collections of artefacts illuminate the city’s development and history of the people in the region - from the tribes and fishermen that first inhabited the region, through the Ottoman Empire and modern development after World War I when King Abdul Ibn Saud conquered the region and founded the modern state of Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia National Day

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrates its National Day September 23. A public holiday, Saudis celebrate by flying flags and displaying the national color, green. Jeddah often hosts cultural extravaganzas and fireworks displays to celebrate the occasion.

Jeddah Summer Festival

Every July and August

Every year Jeddah hosts a summer festival on the Corniche waterfront. With a host of activities, entertainment includes a circus, musical performances, a children’s theater and fireworks.

Saudi Arabia Public Holidays

The most important public holidays in Saudi Arabia are Eid Al Fitr, Eid Al Adha and Saudi National Day. Known as one of the most festive places to celebrate Eid, Rosewood Jeddah always delights local families and visitors alike with special menus for the holidays.

Eid Al Fitr June 12 to 21, 2018

Eid Al Adha 14 August to 27, 2018

Saudi National Day September 23, 2018 





Rosewood Jeddah offers an exciting program of events and entertainment through the week as well as seasonal activities.