“One day, can change your whole life!” 

The ethos of Global Wellness Day calls for people to make small daily changes that can result in positive life outcomes.

June 10, 2017 marks the official day of international celebration for the global dream of living well. Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort is proud to participate in the world-wide event which encourages integrated wellness as a global movement towards a positive and healthy lifestyle for all.  Global Wellness Day participants are called upon to “Say Yes” to small daily changes that ultimately impact one’s life and possibly the lives around them. 

From Monday, June 5 to Saturday, June 10, the resort will offer a complete week of wellness during which, guests of the resort will have the opportunity to engage in daily holistic wellness activities that highlight the many aspects of living well.  The week culminates in Jumby Bay’s Walk-For-A-Cause.  The 7-mile walk is done in unison with global participants to encourage the positive value of donating time and effort in support of those in need.  The walk will benefit the local Antiguan community, and will also include opportunities to enjoy a refreshing morning swim on mainland Antigua, and a healthy West Indian breakfast to the sound of local Antiguan breakfast.  Weekly events include:

  • Beachfront Spa Teaser Mini massages to soothe and relax the body
  • Invigorating Island Bike Tours to the new Jumby Bay Farm to learn about sustainable farming, and organic meal planning for a healthy diet
  • Calming beach front Yoga & Meditation Classes to center and re-align the mind
  • Sunrise Soca Zumbathon to get in tune with the world and enjoy the freedom of dance
  • Healthy Kick-Start Juicebar, for a nutritious morning start that can be enjoyed on vacation and duplicated at home
  • Jumby Bay Walk-For-A-Cause benefitting youth literacy programs in the Antiguan community


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