Continuing its singular tradition of offering immersive experiences that celebrate the rich culture of the Baja region, Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico is introducing its latest collection of Winter 2017/2018 once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Designed to showcase the best of Baja in the winter months, this latest collection offers five expansive and luxurious excursions, including traditional beachside dinners with views of the beautiful Sea of Cortez and a gourmet Mexican taco stand serving guests at the resort’s brand-new pool. 

The new bi-annual collection, which launches in November 2017, continues Rosewood’s “A Sense of Place” philosophy by integrating the local culture into authentic experiences for revered guests.

“At Las Ventanas al Paraiso, we strive to surprise and delight our guests with experiences that not only showcase the level of luxury to which we are committed, but also engage them in the unique culture of the surrounding area,” said Frederic Vidal, managing director of Las Ventanas al Paraiso. “As a result, we are extremely excited to launch a new collection of experiences that continues to combine innovative initiatives, cultural authenticity, and unrivalled luxury to provide our guests with the best possible experiences. Over the past two years, our guests have fallen in love with our specially-curated experiences, and we are confident that this new collection will continue to amaze them.”


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