Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort Launches New Bi-Annual Program of Baja-Inspired Guest Experiences

April 8, 2015

Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico introduces a new program wherein five-destination-inspired experiences are unveiled twice per year for guests.  Just as fashion designers showcase new collections bi-annually, Las Ventanas al Paraiso will launch a new collection of once-in-a-lifetime experiences each summer and winter, allowing guests to experience the best of Baja.  The first collection in the series will launch for summer 2015.

Guided by Rosewood Hotels & Resorts’ signature A Sense of Place® philosophy, Las Ventanas al Paraiso’s collections of guest experiences will offer memorable and authentic escapes into the culture and history of the Baja region and will be thoroughly personalized and tailored for each guest. The experiences for summer 2015 include an authentic cooking class in the pre-Hispanic technique of “barbacoa,” a personal tequila tasting and consultation with an expert Tequila Master, a thrilling treasure hunt through scenic Baja, a unique opportunity to create a pearl at Baja’s only pearl farm and new “Dog Butlers” to care for the resort’s four-legged guests.

“Our team of talented associates has worked hard to put together the first collection of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, which will be introduced for summer 2015,” said Frederic Vidal, managing director of Las Ventanas al Paraiso. “This premier collection is unique, luxurious and offers guests true A Sense of Place experiences that they’ll never forget.”

Las Ventanas al Paraiso’s summer 2015 collection of once-in-a-lifetime experiences includes:

Back to the Roots: During this culinary experience, guests learn the pre-Hispanic cooking technique of “barbacoa.” Chef Jesus Chuc demonstrates how to wrap local, organic meats in Maguey leaves and place them in a heated, underground barbacoa oven. Covered, the delicious concoction cooks slowly over seven hours, becoming moist, tender and flavorful. That evening, guests gather at a communal table in the resort’s herb garden to enjoy a traditional barbacoa dinner with fine mezcal pairings, salsas and customary sides. 

Tequila Sign: Las Ventanas al Paraiso is known for its expansive collection of fine tequilas and trained Tequila Masters.  This summer, the resort’s Tequila Masters are launching an exclusive program that determines guests’ unique Tequila Signs. Following a one-on-one blind tasting with a Tequila Master, guests will learn which Tequila Sign best fits their personality and taste buds. Guests can then use their sign to choose tequilas, pairings and cocktails at the resort’s restaurants.

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt: The ultimate marriage proposal involves a spectacular treasure hunt through Baja. Driving Razor Polaris vehicles and armed with a map, compass and a guide to Baja’s indigenous flora and fauna, couples answer five questions that take them through stunning beaches and breathtaking canyons. At the very end is a romantic set-up for a storybook proposal.

The Royal Pearl: During this royally-inspired experience, guests harvest their own half-pearls and take home a piece of the Sea of Cortez. Arriving via private chauffeur in La Paz, home to Baja’s only pearl farm, guests work with a team of biologists to implant a piece of resin into an oyster shell that, over time, becomes a pearl. Two years later, guests can return to take home their lovely half-pearl.

Dog Butler: Las Ventanas al Paraiso’s dedicated “Dog Butlers” take the resort’s four-legged guests on morning and evening walks, create tailor-made dog food menus, give them special dog massages and treat them to “doga” classes. Dog Butlers can also organize birthday parties for Fido and his furry friends.