At Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek, expert massage services are available to refresh the mind, rejuvenate the body and enrich the spirit.

Swedish Massage
A traditional, relaxing massage that can heal tired bones. The movements include gentle to firm pressure with long relaxing and rolling strokes, using various light oils. A guaranteed way to feel rejuvenated, this will leave weary travelers alive and refreshed.

50 minutes / USD135, 80 minutes / USD180

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic massage techniques designed to focus on trigger points that can cause pain. This is a great treatment to ensure relaxation and an excellent massage for athletes.

50 minutes / USD135, 80 minutes / USD180

Hot Rock Massage
Based on ancient Hispanic healing traditions, the body is massaged with smooth hot stones, relaxing and stretching the muscles. Stone massage is designed to balance the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual spheres. There is an energy exchange between the stones and the tension in the body that leaves guests feeling spiritually uplifted and reenergized by Mother Earth.

80 minutes / USD180

Aromatherapy Massage
An ancient art using the essential oils of flowers and herbs applied to the body for their healing, beautifying and soothing properties. Aromatherapy is for the emotional body as well as for the physical body. This light massage induces relaxation and increases energy, while reducing the effects of stress and restoring balance to mind, body and spirit.

50 minutes / USD135, 80 minutes / USD180


Regular hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
After-hours treatments are available for an additional fee.


+1 214 520 5840