Rosewood Mayakoba launches Kuxtal Sensory Garden Journey

February 5, 2016

An Apothecary-Inspired Experience at Award-Winning Sense® Spa Awakens the Senses and Promotes Well-being with Customized Treatments

Rosewood Mayakoba, the premier resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico, today introduced the Kuxtal Sensory Garden Journey, an innovative treatment inspired by the Mayan’s deep respect for nature and belief in the symbiotic relationship between humans and plants. Located on its own private island in the heart of Rosewood Mayakoba, the acclaimed Sense® Spa developed the treatment to unlock ancient Mayan wisdom, awaken the senses and assist guests in reaching a higher state of consciousness. Kuxtal, which means “tree of life”, aims to create a sanctuary for the mind by guiding guests on a journey along the four cardinal points and reinforcing the seamless connection between the natural world and personal wellbeing.

Harnessing the medicinal power of plants, a highly-trained therapist guides guests on a journey through the four life phases, illustrated by 13 herbs indigenous to the Riviera Maya region. Participants are then asked to select a plant of their choosing using a traditional energy-recognition method, which dictates the course of the journey and becomes the primary ingredient in the luxurious scrub, wrap and massage that follows. The Sensory Garden features plants frequently used by the Mayans, including geraniums, which offer natural stimulants for creativity and self-confidence; peppermint, which promotes inner peace and motivation; and rosemary, which increases optimism and energy.

The Kuxtal Sensory Garden Journey begins in the relaxation area of Sense® Spa, where the guest enjoys a refreshing beverage and is greeted by a therapist who explains the purpose of the treatment. The guest is led to a small fire pit burning with copal, a smoky and fragrant incense designed to ignite self-awareness and the five senses. One of four therapists trained in ancient Mayan healing techniques then guides the guest in a brief ritual to forge a connection with Mother Nature by focusing on the surrounding sounds, scents, sights and textures. The guest proceeds along a sacred Mayan pathway composed of white stones called a Sac’be, which leads to the Eastern wall of the Sensory Garden. A variety of 13 different herbs are displayed, revealing the flora found on the other side of the wall in the Kuxtal Sensory Garden. The living wall is organized by the four different phases of life – seed, sprout, full bloom and wilting, with each phase corresponding to one of the four cardinal points. The journey begins in the East, where the sun rises and life begins as a seed, and continues to the South, where the plant has progressed into a sprout, vulnerable but vital. The West represents the time when the plant is fully grown, with the North symbolizing when a plant bears fruit and the lifecycle begins anew.

The guest is invited to contemplate these four stages of life and seek a connection with the plant and cardinal point they are most drawn to, as Ancient Mayan practices suggest that both human and plant chose one another. Once a plant is selected, the guest enters the Sensory Garden, a peaceful sanctuary where the Mayan symbols for wisdom are found throughout, including the Wheel of Life. The Wheel of Life is created using the cross-section of a tree trunk with an imprinted “X” representing the four cardinal points. With closed eyes and deep breaths, the participant follows their intuition to place the chosen plant in one of the sections within the Wheel of Life. Calling upon ancient Mayan interpretation methods, the therapist consults a book to determine the guest’s current stage of life.

Inspired by the apothecary services provided by herbal healers in the ancient Mayan culture, the therapist uses the chosen herb to brew a nourishing tea as well as a customized oil that is used throughout the course of the guest’s treatment. After a luxurious scrub, wrap and massage, guests are given a small bottle of the customized oil and a recommended Wellness Journey. Wellness Journeys can be booked as a follow up to the Kuxtal Journey at the guest’s discretion, and are prescribed by the therapist based on whether the guest is in need of further physical, emotional, spiritual or meditative therapies. Wellness journeys include a private session with a shaman, a temazcal ritual, yoga, meditation, or a reiki session.

The Kuxtal Sensory Garden Journey follows closely on the heels of the resort's pioneering Mayan Healing Hands experience. Sense® Spa at Rosewood Mayakoba continues to set the standard in luxury, hyper-authentic spa experiences that create a sense of place and pay homage to Mayan culture. In 2015, Sense® Spa received the distinction of ‘Best Hotel Spa in Mexico’ by World Spa. Rosewood Mayakoba also received the Rainforest Alliance Certification and Spafinder’s 2015 Wellness in Travel Award.

The three hour Kuxtal Sensory Garden Journey is priced at $495 USD plus tax per person. Please email Sense® Spa at of call the resort at +52 984 875 8000 for bookings.

About Rosewood Mayakoba:
Rosewood Mayakoba sits in the heart of a 1600-acre resort enclave in the Riviera Maya. Built along winding lagoons and a mile-long arc of pristine beach, this oasis of indulgence offers 130 suites with private plunge pools, rooftop sundecks, garden showers, individual docks and the finest in-room design and details. Resort amenities include a signature Greg Norman championship golf course, fine dining at Casa del Lago and Punta Bonita, Rose Buds® for children, and Sense® spa, which is designed around a cenote, one of the sacred water wells of the ancient Mayans, and sits on a private island. The resort is built to abide by the highest of eco-standards, offering indulgence with awareness, and has recently been awarded the Rainforest Alliance Certification.

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