With a stunning panoramic view of lagoons and lush tropical jungles, the Lagoon Deck accommodates up to 120 guests and offers a beautiful ceremony with a gorgeous sunset as a backdrop.


Embraced by the translucent blue water and the beautiful white sand along the unspoiled Caribbean coast of the Riviera Maya, this beach setting is the perfect location to accommodate 30 to 250 guests in an unforgettable ceremony.


Floating graciously and peacefully over the lagoon’s emerald waters, this wedding venue is perfectly positioned for sunset light, to bathe the union of two souls. The Lagoon Lawn is an ideal venue to accommodate up to 150 guests.

Experience the place where the heart and soul intimately embrace,
The pure pleasures of paradise…
Where the wedding day will be everything one has ever dreamed of.

Surrounded by warm Caribbean waters and the tropical air of the Riviera Maya, Rosewood Mayakoba is the place to bring splendid visions to reality. Offering a world of luxury, tranquility and privacy, this spa resort is a magical venue for special celebrations. Whether it is a rehearsal dinner, bridal luncheon or lavish reception, Rosewood Mayakoba is a breathtaking location for Mexico beach weddings.



According to guests’ beliefs and needs, Rosewood Mayakoba will create an unforgettable ceremony:

Civil or Legal Ceremony
Officiated by a judge under the Mexican Law and validated in the US after three months.

Religious and symbolic ceremonies (not legally valid)
Religious ceremonies arranged on-site and off-site according to the couples religion and/or preference officiated by a priest, minister, pastor or rabbi.

Mayan Ceremony
A spiritual and sacred ritual where the couple exchanges vows and the shaman invokes love, happiness and abundance, blessed with copal (a type of Mayan incense).

Sand Ceremony
A symbolic ceremony; the union of the couple is represented by the mixture of different colored sands.

Cosmic Ceremony
Consists of the presentation of the couple to the higher cosmic energy (masculine) and Mother Earth (Feminine) with the birthstones of the couple.

To ensure that all wedding visions come true, guests may customize and tailor the catering, floral design and music according to their needs and preferences.

Rosewood Mayakoba aims to satisfy the palate of all guests. The bride and groom can customize menus for three, four or five-course celebrations.

Floral Design
The wedding specialist works with recognized floral designers to create a unique and personalized design that transforms the wedding couple’s vision into a truly memorable event.

A wide variety of musical styles is available, including a soloist, string quartet, bossa nova band, mariachi, DJ and live entertainment. The wedding specialist will recommend musical selections to create an unforgettable experience.



Rosewood Mayakoba’s wedding specialist takes care of guests from the beginning to the end of the wedding, creating the event of a lifetime.

The special occasion will be supported with the utmost dedication and attentiveness, including state-of-the-art technology, floral arrangements and food and beverage preferences.

The wedding specialist ensures that all preparations are flawlessly executed.

Legal Requirements



The Spot

Offering comfort in a sports bar setting, The Spot games lounge is ideal for casual entertainment, karaoke nights, cocktails or just plain fun with a variety of games and pool table. Accommodates up to 120 guests.

Casa del Lago Bar
The perfect place to meet up for drinks and appetizers or a wine and cheese tasting, the bar accommodates up to 100 guests in a cocktail set-up or 60 guests for brunch.
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La Cava
Located between Casa Del Lago’s restaurant and bar, the wine cellar delights the senses with wine imported from all over the world.  Accommodates intimate celebrations for up to eight guests.
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Romantic and intimate, Avicenia is the perfect location for private family dinners, engagements and special celebrations for up to 20 guests.

Los Agaves
With a Mexican style, this location is perfect for a lounge cocktail events, dinner reception or after party. Accommodates up to 120 guests.

Lagoon Lawn
Floating over the lagoons and emerald waters, Lagoon Lawn is perfectly positioned for sunset light, offering a panoramic view submerged in a jungle environment. Accommodates up to 150 guests.

The Beach
With its white sand and translucent blue water along the unspoiled Caribbean coast of the Riviera Maya, this is the perfect place for intimate ceremonies and romantic dinners with a star-lit sky overhead. Accommodates up to 400 guests.

La Palapa
This new beach side venue with unobstructed views of the Caribbean Sea is the ultimate spot for a toes-in-the-sand beach party. Accommodates up to 400 guests.

Isla Encantada
Surrounded by tropical vegetation in the middle of aquamarine lagoons and canals of subterranean water, La Isla Encantada offers a venue with a naturally dramatic backdrop and the simplicity of nature. Accommodates up to 30 guests.



The Perfect Match

For an exclusive wedding and honeymoon experience, The Perfect Match is the ultimate choice for special celebrations. Qualifying occasions receive a complimentary two-night honeymoon getaway that includes a romantic private dinner and a very special welcome – a thoughtfully designed amenity at a resort or flowers and champagne on arrival and in-room breakfast for city hotel honeymoons.



Rosewood Mayakoba partners with both local and international wedding planners including some of the most experienced and sought-after upscale planners to make wedding dreams come true.

In addition to wedding planners, Rosewood Mayakoba also partners with wedding service providers:

  • Décor and Design consultants
  • Floral designers
  • International photographers
  • International make up and hair style artists
  • Acclaimed jewelry designers
  • Others



Located in the heart of the resort, Sense, A Rosewood Spa is ensconced on its own island, harmoniously melding water and earth to reflect the nurturing soul of the Riviera Maya. Guests enjoy access to the resort's spa and fitness facilities, including a heated pool, fully equipped gym, juice bar, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, plunge pool and relaxation areas as well as yoga and meditation classes.

Spa Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Spa Day
Guests begin the experience early morning on the "Enchanted Island," an open-air palapa, with a private yoga session. Following that is a special "Chaya Mojito Foot Ritual" which is an exfoliation with Chaya Mojito scrub and a 30-minute foot massage. During the ritual, healthy drinks such as hibiscus water, assortment of teas and aloe juice are part of the purification, followed by a delicious, relaxing bridal lunch for the bride and her bridesmaids.

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Every couple has a love story. Throughout the years, Rosewood Mayakoba has been the unforgettable backdrop for one-of-a-kind weddings around the world.