The Sense Spa offers a spacious fitness center with the most advanced wellness suite from Technogym, including a full range of cardio and resistance equipment, a widespread area dedicated to stretching and free weights, as well as functional training accessories such as TRX and BOSU available with private training sessions.

Group classes are also offered from 8:00am - 10:00am every day. The fitness center is accessible 24-hours and complimentary for all resort guests.

Class Descriptions

Yoga: Our Yoga instructor can work with you in the moment to create a personalized class designed with your goals and needs in mind. 
Private Yoga classes can also be specific to certain yoga style. If you desired feel free to request in-advance for private yoga session; Viyansa yoga Ashtanga, Anusara, Moksha, Yin, Restorative, Prenatl, Prenayama and meditation. 
Group Yoga classes are appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioner from beginner to advance students. Viyansa Yoga is the most requested style for our group yoga classes, however our seasoned instructor is able to tailor towards our guest. 

Bosu: Is a class designed to work the balance, and balance, as well as the development of all our body muscles, using the bosu training as assistant giving us a vast range of applications for all muscle planes as well as being low-impact exercises that manage to increase the burning of calories in a short period of time.
Core Training: Aimed at working class resistance and strength of the muscles around the trunk, especially the abdomen circuits using various training to increase the muscle work in desired planes and increase the burning of calories in a short period of time , working on muscle fatigue by increasing the strength, speed recovery and muscle tone.      
Heartcore TRX: The TRX allows you to perform a multitude of core, upper and lower body, functional exercises that can be implemented for use in rehab, mobility, strength, hypertrophy but most commonly used as a back to back circuit of exercises training the upper and lower body in different sequences for time, when you mix them in with some high velocity movements such as jump squats and burpees,
Indoor Cycling Circuit: Indoor cycling, as an organized activity, is a form of exercise with classes focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity (race days) and recovery, and involves using a special stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel in a classroom setting. It is commonly called spinning.
CXWORX: Is all about building core strength, improving functional fitness of the abdominals, mid-section, and glutes, as well as working the cross-slings, which run from the upper to lower body. Basically, CXWORX targets everything from the mid-thigh up to the shoulders, which is an area also known as your trunk.
Float Fit: A new way of exercise the floatfit® class is a 60 minute HIIT workout on water. this low impact, cross training class gives you a fun full body workout by performing burpees, lunges, squats, mountain climbers on a board over water, adding extra tension on your whole core by trying to keep balance and staying off the water.
Yoga Floating: A unique, effective and challenging way to perform yoga standing on floating board over the water, try this new wave of exercise and see how it also helps you increase your balance & strength.




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